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» Sunday, December 29, 2013
Over the River and Through the Woods, Part 2

Today we were on our way to Warner Robins to "do" Christmas with James' mom and sister. James had called the vet and they said it was okay to leave Willow, so we set up a clean pee pad, put her blanket back on her bed (she had fallen asleep on the blanket last night, but I found her in her crate this morning), and James scrambled her an egg with some chicken in it. We left her that and some chicken broth, put the television on for Snowy, and headed south.

Aside from a mystery jam right before Southlake Mall, it was an uneventful ride. I drove down, and we listened to The Splendid Table and a Travel With Rick Steves, "International Christmas." I was very surprised when they talked about Christmas in Sicily and talked about having gifts on what in Mexico is the Day of the Dead. Other Italians do not do this, but then Sicily was its own kingdom up until the Unification in the late 19th century. We shared the road with seemingly dozens of vehicles from Michigan evidently heading south to The House of Mouse.

We had a nice afternoon with Mom and Candy. Unfortunately Sabra was sick, so she and Lee were not able to come over, and we wouldn't see her face when she opened her surprise. :-) We bought them a storage cube and then filled it with all sorts of breakfast foods: buckwheat pancake mix, steel-cut oats, wildflower honey from the Jonquil Festival, jellies from the Yellow Daisy Festival, jam from Panorama Orchards in Ellijay, coffee, tea, cocoa, plus a book of "Yankee thrift" projects, a cute serving platter that says "Eat at Mom's," a cheese knife, and a few other jims and jams. Got a big stocking with goodies that will last for months, and James got a military book and a DVD set about the Pacific Theater in World War II. For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs, with James' fresh chocolate cobbler for dessert.

We headed home about 5:30. Was cold most of the way because I believed the Weather Channel forecast and wore short sleeves! Other than having to stop in McDonough for gasoline, another uneventful trip, except for the dorks riding with their brights in the rear-view mirror. We listened to Rick Steves talk to people about the upcoming Olympic Games and about New Year's customs in Europe, and another Splendid Table. The last caller said he had received bacon-flavored coffee syrup for Christmas! The mind boggles!

When we got in, Willow trotted downstairs to meet us, and James took her out. I came upstairs to find she had cleaned up both the scrambled eggs and the chicken broth. James made her another egg with more chicken in it, but what she wanted most was what he cooked for himself!

Missed the new Call the Midwife special, so have programmed a later showing on the DVR and are now watching Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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