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» Monday, December 23, 2013
It's a Wrap! and a Walk to Boot
a.k.a. "Let There Be Light!"

So happy that it's gotten colder! Tossed and turned last night because I was so warm that it made my joints ache. It was still cloudy when I got up and had breakfast. Then I installed Snowy's new water dish, which, of course, threw him in a tizzy for a few minutes. It seems to work okay, and I saw him biting it later on, so he now knows there's water in it.

Since it is two days before Christmas, and the spare room looks like a wrapping paper factory exploded in it, it's about time I finished wrapping gifts, so I commenced. My goal was to at least get wrapped the gifts we will need on the 25th, and James' gifts, but first I had to wrap the things that had not been able to fit in the closet because they were in the way of getting the closet open. So I had wrapped over a half dozen gifts before I could get to the essential ones.

About noon I called the vet's office, to be told Willow was doing "great," but she still wasn't eating a lot. I asked if that could be because she was homesick. I mean, if she's off IV, why can't we try taking care of her? Sigh.

I took a couple of hours off and did a before-Christmas walk on the square in Marietta. I didn't do it last year and was sorry I didn't, and thankfully it was brisk and blustery and Christmasy.

Started out at Dupre's Antiques, which used to be a big hardware store. At Christmas they pepper the whole store with mostly vintage decorations and push to the front any seasonal things like vintage magazines and old toys. I ducked in and out of tinseled booths, and was very tempted by a box of vintage Woolworth's glass balls (I like the Brit term better, "baubles"). Then I crossed the street and walked past the festively decorated Australian Bakery and joke shop to stop at the Corner Shop (the British place). Looked at all the goodies, but only bought a few small things for [mumble] and a Fry's orange-filled bar all for me.

Then I diagonally crossed Glover Park in the middle of the square. The paths are lined with luminaria and several families were waiting for Santa Claus to get back from feeding his reindeer. Since it wasn't that cold, the fountain was flowing freely, and it looked pretty with the Christmas tree in the background. Some singers had been performing on the permanent stage when I started my walk, but they had stopped by now.

I crossed the street and walked down Church Street to a new boutique that is where half of the old Willow Too antique store was. Alas, it's an upscale antique boutique, and nothing particularly nice like Willow Too used to have: I always went in there and found some great primitive things, and once I found a shepherd figure that matched the rest of the manger set.

Visited a couple of other antique stores, the Christmas shop, and the Keeping Room (they have household things, and soup/dip mixes), then strolled by La Famiglia restaurant and Hemingway's bar before heading back to the car. On the way home, I stopped at Family Dollar, as occasionally I have found cool ornaments there, but it was mostly junk.

James was home when I got there; he'd come home soon after I left for downtown! While I finished wrapping gifts, he rewired the pretty autumn leaf motif ginger-jar lamp we bought years ago at Lowes (the three-way switch had died). Snowy finally has more light! And then he finished wrapping gifts, and the tree looks even more festive and after I wrestled with things in the closet, the spare room looks cleaner although everything is not out of the way yet.

We had a container of chicken leftovers for supper over rice, and watched Christmas things for the rest of the night: John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together, A Muppet Family Christmas (which is distinctive for having all the Muppets in it: the Muppet Show gang, the Sesame Street crowd, and even the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock), and finally Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory, the real version with Geraldine Page.

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