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» Sunday, December 22, 2013
Coming Up for the Third Time

It rained today. Pints of rain. Quarts of rain. Gallons of rain. Close to hogsheads of rain, or so it seemed. I could hear the whiny voices of the past saying "But at least it isn't snow!" If it had snowed, it would have been drier!

We celebrated by sleeping in and going out just before noon, braving the throes of Costco since there were necessities required. We scouted out new things for the party, checked out the books and DVDs, and bought an $8 copy of A Christmas Story on Blu-Ray (which we later couldn't find when we got home; turned out it got tucked into the console pocket where I keep my sunglasses). The lines, amazingly, were not that bad, and we came home by Kroger to pick up veggies, turkey thighs, yogurt, and sundry other groceries.

James remembered earlier that he needed to go to Hobbytown to pick up some small gifts for a few co-workers, so when we had the groceries up it was time to slosh up to Barrett Parkway. I tried to take a nap while he was in Hobbytown, then we proceeded to [mumble] to pick up one last gift and also went in Petsmart to find a proper water dish for Snowy (the one I'm using makes a racket when you put it between the bars and it leaks) and to get him some smaller perches, which the vet said would be better for his feet. We also cut through the back and went to Petco as well, and found two more perches and bought him some cuttlebone, and, to finish up, went to Publix for twofers.

It was about four when we got home, and I still had one more errand to finish. I've been collecting a toy here and there all year to put in the Toys for Tots barrel, and things have been so chaotic I'd forgotten about them. Being in the Town Center Publix reminded me that I still had them, and the drive ends today. So I gathered up the toys and brought them to the Publix near our house.

And then we were done. Had steak for supper and I had French bread to zoop in the juice to boot. Later, we watched The Sound of Music. (Not on the network; it would have taken forever with the commercials.)

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