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» Friday, December 06, 2013
"Christmastime is Here, By Golly..."

Because he worked last Saturday, James had today off. We didn't get to sleep too late because the dog alarm went off, but that's life.

Once we'd eaten, it was time to get on the move. We were headed for the Apple Annie Craft show, but it isn't prudent to get to Apple Annie early, or you'll end up parking on Roswell Road. So we stopped at the post office and dispatched all the gifts (except for Nicki's, which I have to finish) and bought stamps for the Christmas cards (which aren't finished yet), and arrived at Apple Annie about 11:30.

We had lunch first; I don't usually eat there, but I had a hot dog and we sat to eat, and then I left James reading at the table while I wandered from room to room. As I expected, most of what I liked was too expensive, or I didn't have anywhere to put it, like a $90 real wood lazy susan or hand-molded comic animals. The Papyrus Lady didn't have anything new that I wanted. I wasn't interested in more tchotchkes. But I had a pleasant walk-around and then fetched James when I got to the bake sale, where we bought a chocolate peppermint loaf and some cookies for desserts.

Then we got to do my favorite part of the day: go outside to the courtyard. It was very, very warm and smothery, in the early 70s., and we didn't stay out there long; just paid our respects to St. Francis and St. Anne, and then went to sit in the sanctuary long enough to say a prayer. I like this church; I feel comfortable here. Too bad it's so far away.

We got more desserts after we stopped at Trader Joe's, as the complement of Christmas goodies were in: peppermint Jo-Jos (peppermint Oreos), chocolate-covered peppermint Jo-Jos, truffles... Let's say we have dessert for at least two weeks! Also picked up more soup, broth, and a pot pie, and some goodies for a couple of food gifts.

Finally we stopped at Betsy's Hallmark, where we had a coupon. We looked at many things for gifts, but a particular item caught both our eyes as we walked past it, and of course we picked that up. I also bought a word game that is played with dice.

On the way home we stopped at the bead store, as the owner is selling some plastic models. James bought two, including one he was planning on ordering anyway.

For supper we ordered in: I had chicken wings and he had Chinese, and then went downstairs to the "man cave" for a while. I put up the Christmas village and watched Santa Claus is Comin' to Town and The Little Drummer Boy. I should have roused myself earlier, or I wouldn't have been wrapping gifts at 11:30 at night!

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