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» Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Blue Christmas
It was a pretty gloomy Christmas morning here. We got up and had a regular breakfast, and we weren't much in a rush to open gifts. Willow wandered around like a ghost. We did get her to eat a few dog biscuits, and drink some chicken broth, and I fed her a few bits of chicken from the chicken and rice. We listened to Christmas music and also watched The House Without a Christmas Tree.

At three we gathered all the gifts and went to the Butlers for Christmas dinner and general merriment. We talked for house and had a wonderful dinner, with main dishes of pot roast, turkey, and ham, potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, corn, rolls and butter, and sundry other goodies, not to mention two pies for dessert. Later we exchanged gifts. It was such fun, and so pleasant to laugh.

We had a nice look at lights when we got home, but Willow still looked woebegone and we felt like she looked. Then we sat by the light of the Christmas tree until it was time for bed.

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