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» Saturday, November 23, 2013
Snatching Victory From the Jaws of Defeat (Sort Of)

Ah, time to go home! Surely this would be a no-brainer of a day, except for fitting all the stuff back in the car.

Sometime during the night the toilet clogged up. I had another coughing fit. The dog decided to go walkabout and finally had to be locked in her crate. At six thirty we were up since we couldn't sleep, and still we didn't get going until after nine because I was sick.

Nothing much to talk about the ride. We hit the interstate for a while, and then had to cut through to I-85 via US25—thought it was funny that we saw the monument to the Dixie Highway yesterday and today here we were driving it, through some small towns that happily did not have a lot of traffic lights.

We stopped twice to change drivers, and listened (finally) to the second part of Light at the End, the 50th anniversary Doctor Who audio drama with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann, plus Geoffrey Beevers as the Master. Nice to have a sinister Master again rather than a raving looney one (although I think John Sim could have done a good job as the sinister version).

Meanwhile I kept checking my watch. Supposedly Electronics Recycling Day was today and lasted until 3 p.m. So I wanted to get home to do that, and still be in time for "Day of the Doctor" live. But we still had to stop and pick up Willow's medication. I called them up from Greenville, and they had it ready when I got in the door, but I had to use the bathroom.

My keys fell in the john. [eyes roll] Of course I had to rinse them off. Killed the garage door opener completely. At least my electronic car key still works.

Zipped home, threw the two boxes of dead lamps and fans, etc. in the truck and zipped out to Jim Miller Park. No one there. Blast, now it has to sit in the garage for another year. The Cobb County online calendar's always wrong or missing something anyway, which is why I didn't make the Mistletoe Mart this year. So we swung by Wendy's just to get something to eat, and were perched in front of the television when the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who aired live from Great Britain. Loved it: great in-jokes, Tennant and Smith squabbling like Steve and Danny on Hawaii Five-0, bits of things tossed in or included, like Ian Chesterton's name on the Coal Hill School signboard, the Brigadier's daughter and "Greyhound" making an appearance, the brief shot of Peter Capadi's eyes, and, oh, the Caretaker! Better than Christmas!

Now that the sublime was over, the mundane took over. We went to Kroger and Publix—I had milk withdrawal symptoms—and got some Tyson prepared teriyaki chicken thighs for supper. James made some into a sandwich for me. Oh, yeah, and I sanitized all my keys and my keyring cards in rubbing alcohol. And did a load of the dog's towels. (Two loads of laundry left.)

And at 7 p.m. we watched it all over again, idled for an hour, during which I talked to Rodney on chat (that's a fan for ya; he got a new car and that was the last news I got from him—all the rest was about Doctor Who (which, of course, is how it should be), and then Graham Norton was on, with David Tennant (and his hair braid) and Matt Smith as guests in the last half.

And then I crawled off to my hot shower with removable showerhead and beautiful not-foam-rock feather pillows and warm comforter some sleep.

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