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» Sunday, November 03, 2013
One Sunny Fall Sunday After the Happy Demise of DST...

...we slept late, only interrupted by Willow needing to go out. James shuffled out, and in a few minutes shuffled back in, washed his hands, and crawled back under the blankets. Mnnn. First day of Eastern Standard Time is always so lovely, and the breeze coming in the open windows was cool and delightful.

We had breakfast and then, just after noon, headed out to Bed, Bath & Beyond with our four coupons. James needed a new CO2 container for his Soda Stream and more cola syrup, plus we needed more pee pads. Decided to get a second pad holder unit to be able to soak one and use the other. Wandered among the holiday decorations for a few minutes as well; they had some of the most lovely menorahs.

From there we drove to Ikea. Didn't have lunch there today, but just wound our way through the model rooms and model apartments. Sad to say much of my favorite furniture has vanished from Ikea; they don't make Leksvik any longer, so our bed isn't there, nor is our china cabinet (there are some comparable cabinets, but nothing nearly as good). They quit making the nesting baskets. Still good stuff there, and they are much improved from the last time we were there, when it looked like a frowsy bazaar, but still miss our favorites. We looked at their Christmas offerings for a bit, then checked out with what I had gone there for (a shelf for our "Billy" unit that holds our CDs, cassettes, and videotapes; I'm still pissed that they quit making the inserts that let you turn one shelf area into eight CD compartments), and bought some ginger cookies.

On the way home, we stopped by Barnes & Noble, because we had noticed yesterday that we didn't see any Entertainment Books, which usually start November 1. They had them in a corner cashier area. Frankly, unless I have a good coupon and nothing to spend it on, it might be cheaper ordering it directly online. We'll see. As I passed the cafè, my tummy gave a growl, as it was after 1:30. So I had a cup of chicken noodle soup and James wandered over and had a bowl, and we shared a cookie.

Now I'm stocked with the rest of the Christmas magazines: Victoria Classics "Holiday Bliss," the Christmas issue of "Victorian Homes," and the November/December issues of "Landlove" and "Landscape." And this year's Ideals Christmas issue as well.

Back home, did some vacuuming, now listening to the BBC.

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