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» Saturday, November 30, 2013
Not Nice to Not Have a Husband Around the House

James' first day back to work since vacation and the cough from Hell was yesterday. He immediately found out that he had to work today. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it means it's off to the vet I go. (Hopefully, after this visit, she won't have to go again until the end of February.) So I had to get up and give her her pill at 6 a.m., which wasn't hard, since the very last antibiotic I had to take had the usual effect; I'd been up since 4:45. However, I was able to get back to sleep until 8:45. Then James dressed and prepped for work and he loaded Willow into the car for me and off we went to Dunwoody.

I had some oatmeal and a bagel with milk at Panera and finished reading "Mental Floss," going on to "Birds and Blooms." Once I was finished, I drove over to the Barnes & Noble to spend the rest of the time waiting to be called back. I checked out a couple of magazines, looked over the Black Friday weekend specials, and, after vacillating between a young adult book about a woman who writes fanfiction and a linguistics book, I ended up spending my other coupon on a book called Eccentric London, since my Anglophilia knows no bounds. I was just heading for the incredibly long line when the vet called.

Willow and I drove home via Petco, where I needed to pick up a couple of things, and she immediately ran upstairs and took possession of the recliner again. But me—I need to start Christmas decorating soon! and this mess has to be cleaned up. I gathered up all the loose papers in the library, tossed away a bunch of things that just needed to be thrown away, and rearranged the room. Also folded, packed away, and put at least one box in the garage.

It was time for lunch, but I didn't know what to have. I took some chicken broth concentrate from Trader Joe's, and made a cup of it with vegetable flakes in it, and ate it with oyster crackers. Watched the remainder of part 1 of "JFK" as I did. Then I knew I was going to have to do something with all the cardboard boxes I've been stashing since summer. This meant pulling out all the collected gifts from the closet to see which gifts will fit into what box for shipping. I'm missing a couple small things, which is irritating, especially a small item I intended to include with Jen's gift. It's one of those things I was seeing monthly earlier in the year and now it's disappeared! But they're all sorted out now, and I can break down and toss the rest away.

Now I'm watching part 2 of "JFK."

[James brought home pork fried rice from Dragon—proper fried rice without peas and carrots. <g>]

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