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» Thursday, November 28, 2013
Missing Thanksgivukkah
Because of what happened yesterday, we basically stayed in today. Instead of me, it was James who got up early, urged out of a warm bed by the dog alarm, and went out to get a newspaper. I tried to go back to sleep, but nature screamed. Had breakfast and read the paper using the DVR to zip through the commercials during the Macy's Parade, only to stop for a few of the cute ones, including the wonderful Wells Fargo stagecoach commercial (too bad they're such an ass as a bank!) and yet another new Sprint ad with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowall.

Skipped through the National Dog Show in a similar manner, and was arrested by one of the new dogs, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. This little dog was almost a dead ringer for Willow! It is actually a sight hound, but runs around 14-15 pounds, and has the fuzz face, brown and white and all. The coat is a little different, though. Amazing.

Had the rest of the chicken and rice soup that I was supposed to have for supper last night for lunch. (Chicken soup with rice is my very favorite comfort food, which shows you how sick I was feeling yesterday.) Then at some point during the rebroadcast of the parade I just fell flat to sleep and awoke only to find a Timmy episode of Lassie running on Angel2. If only this was a good omen!

James had put the chocolate cobbler in to cook, so I took over doing the turkey thighs that we'd fished out of the freezer. I cooked them with onion powder and a bit of salt, with white wine over all. James made maple-glazed carrots and I chopped up celery so he could make stuffing. I cleared part of the table off (really, we didn't need the whole thing) and we used my stoneware with the Royal Mail motif and the fall goblets.

Still, we were really sorry to miss Thanksgiving dinner at the Lucyshyn's, especially because Phyllis and Mel brought two of their Hanukkiahs and lit the second candle at sundown in what must have been a nice ceremony.

The chocolate cobbler, incidentally, was very chocolate, almost too rich. It had a chocolaty crust and then a liquid bottom, like a lava cake. There is enough for several desserts.

And then came a Christmas rerun of Big Bang Theory and this year's Punkin Chunkin, and Thanksgiving is over for another year.

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