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» Monday, November 11, 2013
Four-Day Frolic, Part the Last

Alas, sleeping late was not in my stars today. Besides, I had things to do: part two of "about time the car got some attention." After breakfast I took all the reusuable bags, sun shields, water bottles, and other supplies out of the car (::cough:: especially the Bracketron), and took it over to Mr. Clean Car Wash for a proper "valeting," as Margo Ledbetter would say. The cashier gave me a "mature adult discount," which made me laugh. It was quite brisk outside, but I managed to sit outside reading until the wind started to blow. After that it was only a short wait until the car was vacuumed and shiny again. Back home I sorted through things to not put back inside the car, set the Bracketron back up, got the Kleenex and the flashlight and the blanket and sundry back in, and put the sun shields back up.

I also shifted a bunch of stuff around in the garage so that we could get into the little closet that the water heater and all our garden tools are in; it's been a problem all summer.

By the time I got in, though, I was too late to drive to the Veterans Day ceremony in Smyrna. Instead I did the traditional two minutes of silence at eleven a.m., then listened to a Remembrance Day ceremony recorded yesterday by BBC Radio Leicester.

I spent the afternoon doing necessary book reviews and doing the Thanksgiving decorating. I finished the foyer and then started to laugh, because now the foyer looks like a turkey sanctuary; there are four stuffed, one plastic, and one glass turkey lamp down there. I love the turkey lamp; we found it in a Cracker Barrel in 2009 on the way to Pennsylvania. Upstairs there are ceramic and plastic ones, and even a paper turkey with a fan-open tail, not to mention Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Occupied this evening with Sleepy Hollow and Castle, and tomorrow it's back to work.

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