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» Sunday, November 10, 2013
Four-Day Frolic, Part 2

Happy anniversary to us! Twenty-three years today!

Alas, no sleeping late snuggling with each other, as James had to work today. I went back to sleep in an effort to at least get eight hours sleep, but we had a power blip and my phone tweedled before that time.

Anyway, busy day. Swept out the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher and finished a load, washed the towels, took the dog out a couple of times, finished the shopping and rearranged the storage food downstairs,  Had some goat cheese and crackers for lunch, and finally gave in and put some Christmas CDs on. Did some book reviews on Amazon.

When James came home, we went to Longhorn for an anniversary supper. We had a free appetizer coupon and had the shrimp and lobster dip, then had the osso buco pork as a treat. It was delicious and so tender, but I think I'll stick with a steak at Longhorn. We had a Chocolate Stampede for dessert, but, as always, just ate the ice cream and brought the chocolate cake home.

Now watching The Ghost Army, the fascinating story about the US 23rd Special Troops, who used rubber tanks, vehicles, and even airplanes, along with broadcast sound, and other deceptive tactics, to distract the Germans during World War II. The Paradise is up next.

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