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» Saturday, November 09, 2013
Four-Day Frolic, Part 1

Is there anything better for a good sleep than a cold night? The windows stayed open all night Thursday and in the wee hours Friday, all that nice 40°F came in, and it was sweet slumber under the comforter and fleece.

One thing I wasn't sure about, though, was what we'd find when we got up. On Wednesday we came home to find Willow all quiet and restlessly pacing when we released her from the bathroom like she did back in August. She ate a little roast chicken with us, and had some water, but didn't wag her tail all night, refused cookies (except for her pill—those Pill Pockets must be doggie drugs), and looked rather miserable, especially when she needed to go out, as she was moving very slowly on the stiars. She was some better on Thursday and finally did wag her tail when James arrived home, but she moped most of the day and I had to help her into the chair. I'm thinking she hurt herself while being locked in the bathroom. I wish we didn't have to keep her in there all day.

If she wasn't better by Friday morning, I resolved a trip to the vet was in order. But Friday morning she trotted out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened, and she's been fine—and even feeling her oats—since then. What a relief. So both the dog and I went back to bed on Friday.

I went out to Kmart for a short time around lunchtime, only to realize I'd left my wallet behind. It didn't matter; I just wanted to see the retro Christmas ornaments someone on my Christmas list had talked about. They have a nice assortment of things, including red-and-green horizontal striped ornaments, and some really purple garlands for those into purple! Then I came home and tackled a re-organization project. We've run out of room for our CDs. Well, okay, my CDs. My Christmas music runneth over. Now, we have our CDs and tapes and some old videos in an Ikea "Billy" bookcase. Unfortunately the old Billy extensions, which made the bookcases taller, did not have holes in the interior sides that allowed putting in a new shelf the way the new ones do. What I really wanted to do was get a new 8-compartment divider to hold more CDs/tapes, but Ikea doesn't make those anymore. Idiots. So I was going to move the compartments up to the top space that won't take a shelf, and had gotten a shelf to put in that old space where I could line up more CDs.

Except the shelf I got was too deep, 15 inches instead of 10 1/4! I thought it looked disproportionate when I brought it home last week, but figured that was just an inaccurate eye. Are they making the Billy bookcases deeper nowadays? Arrrgh. Anyway, James had a row of videotapes he never watches up on that top shelf; I moved them downstairs into his "man cave" where they'll be more accessible to him, and put his cassette tapes up there. That left room to move up his CDs to where the cassettes ahd been, and gave me enough room to fit all my CDs. Listened to the rest of "The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole" and the end of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" on BBC Radio 4 as I worked, and soon it was time for James to come home. We had supper at Giovanni's, then went to Barnes & Noble armed with coupons. He got a new adventure novel and I got the new Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas collection.

Today we were on the go. First stop was the Farmer's Market. We didn't buy much, just some sweet corn, chicken salad, dog biscuits, and a brownie. Then we went to WallyWorld to get BreatheRights and birdseed. This time they had lots of safflower seed and no finch food. Picked up a couple of other things, including a fleece bathrobe for James. We had to hurry bringing it home, though, because James needed to be at his club meeting at 11:30. After he drove off, leaving Willow bewildered, I thought I'd go get some lunch myself, so I headed off to Panera for a bowl of chicken noodle soup with a baguette to dip. I couldn't understand why everyone was eating inside when it was so nice outside: lightly overcast and about 60 degrees. Their loss. I ate my soup and bread and read "The Wimsey Papers," and had an enjoyable lunch.

From there I went to feed the car at Costco (had toyed with going in, but Costco on a Saturday is like a lions' den), and then stopped at Barnes & Noble to pick up the newest "Royal Spyness" mystery in paperback. Didn't stay very long as we had been to the West Cobb store last night, but couldn't resist the impulse to go over to Petco and look at the budgies. I've never seen so many little hens in my life! I think only two or three of the dozen were males. I squatted down to whistle to them and it was the funniest thing: almost all of them stopped, sort of made a line, and stared at me with a surprised expression. I guess not many people actually stop to whistle at them. One little grey and white hen came almost up to the glass to look at me. What a cutie.

On the way home, I stopped at Michaels at Heritage Pointe for a few minutes. What a mistake! The whole parking lot, with the Ulta makeup store, the Ross and other clothing stores, the Dollar Store and Anna's Linens was choked with shoppers. I only bought a couple of clearance craft items and then walked next door to Petsmart to check out the adoptions. They only had two dogs, a pit bull and a pit puppy, and then a bunch of kittens and some cats. The kittens are so sweet, but I am so allergic!

The parking lot was such a mess that I tried three different ways to get out before just giving up and crossing the parking lot to the connector with the Best Buy parking lot and went out at the light and turned left instead of right into the maelstrom.

James was already home when I got there, and in a few minutes we were off again, going to BJs. I needed Chex mix for work lunches and Costco doesn't carry it. We also got some veggies and chips, and James bought gasoline before we headed home, listening to "The Splendid Table" there and back.

This evening we've caught up on This Old House, Too Cute (Lab mixes, Tibetian spanels, and Newfoundlands this week), and Elementary. I tried to listen to the Christmas music on Dish and the stupid channels are giving me error messages; everything else comes in, including the boring sports. Just can't win sometimes.

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