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» Thursday, October 10, 2013
It was time to do something about those wretched boxes, the ones I piled stuff in the day before the carpet cleaner came, and which have been sitting in front of the chifforobe in our bedroom since the end of August. One box was all of the things off the coffee table (mostly mine), and the other was all of the things off the ottoman to the rocker (mostly James). I threw a bunch of stuff away like old AARP flyers and magazines, outdated coupons, etc., filed some of the other stuff (James' "Good Food" magazines and his "Backwoods Home" issues), put anything that was a book in whomever's book pile it belonged in, and, finally, the boxes were empty and back downstairs for their next use. Then I gave the bedroom a thorough vacuuming, and the hall, and the spare room.

Did some tidying up of the kitchen as well and shelved books downstairs, and finished reading About Time, Volume 7.

Homemade pizza for supper! This comes with the whine of the coffee grinder. No, we don't drink coffee; we use it for grinding flaxseed, which James puts on the pizza.

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