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» Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Time Well Spent
Well, it's been a profitable couple of days. Yesterday after breakfast I swept and washed the kitchen floor. Then, since it's been driving me crazy since May, I finally did something about the two "egg crate" foam pieces in the spare room.

These used to be on the futon, but, after we got the new memory-foam mattress, the memory-foam pad we had on the old mattress went on the futon, and these two pesky egg crates were taking up room in front of the window. So I finally cleared the old loveseat in my craft room, and opened the folding bed within; it's emergency space at best, but still not a bad bed. I had to cut the egg crate foam from full size to twin size, and then used it to replace the tired foam already on the mattress and under the sheets. Adding to my list: an inexpensive set of twin sheets for the hide-a-bed. The old egg crate and the cut-off ends were stuffed in a trash bag, and that's the end of them. And the craft room is now tidier to boot.

Later spent the afternoon getting rid of some things off the DVR.

Today I cleared, swept and washed the downstairs hallway and the laundry room, let that dry, then did the same to the foyer, beating out the rug and dumping all the dried grass out of the boot tray, and also cleaned the white woodwork on the stairway. By the time that was all finished, I thought Twilight needed a run—the car hasn't been out of the garage since last Friday—and I was getting twitchy from not being in a bookstore for so long. I went up to Town Center, found a used Blu-Ray of Wreck-It Ralph in CD Warehouse for only $9, and then hit the jackpot in Barnes & Noble: I found two gifts, and, on the clearance counter, which was up to 75 percent off, bought a cute kid's toy that I can put in the Toys for Tots barrel later in the year for only $4, and picked up the new "Down East" magazine, mostly for the stunning fall cover, this year's "Just Cross Stitch" Christmas ornament issue, and a collection of Christmas covers, illustration, and nostalgic advertisements from the "Saturday Evening Post." I figured that since I made out so well there, I would make a slight detour on the way home: instead of heading directly down Barrett Parkway to "the ditch," I turned up Dallas Highway and went the extra couple of miles to check out the B&N at The Avenue at West Cobb. Alas, a smaller haul here from the clearance pile, but a solid one: another gift and The Birdwatcher's Daily Companion, a hardcover type "daybook," for only $2.50.

Then I figured Wil had been on her own long enough, went home, and ate some leftover pork chop as a very late lunch.

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