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» Sunday, October 06, 2013
Sunday Sparks

We took the opportunity to have a long, lovely sleep-in this morning, except at six when James had to get up to let Willow out, as she was barking with frantic notes. After breakfast we did the usual grocery store roundup, first to Publix for a few twofers, and then to Kroger for the rest of the meal. You can tell it's fall because the grocery stores have those cinnamon-scented decorative brooms everywhere and the store entry is heady with cinnamon. We found some nice thin-cut round steaks that will be perfect for James to cook after work; show them a picture of a fire and they'll be done.

Now for the shocking portion of the day: we had to ride out to Dunwoody to get Willow's meds, because her blood test indeed indicates she has Cushing's disease (another one of those old-dog diseases; she has too much cortisol in her system due to a tumor on her pituitary gland—humans also get it and the symptoms are far nastier, as far as I can tell). We are supposed to give her the pills one a day for two weeks and then come back for a blood test. As far as I can tell, this is going to get expensive very fast...almost $100 for 30 pills! (Have checked online; can get them for around $50 if she stays on that dosage.)

If James wasn't feeling poorly when he got up this morning, he did after he paid that vet bill! He was looking so pale as we were driving back down Mt. Vernon Road (after a fruitless stop at the Dunwoody Kroger to see if they had his favorite salad dressing) that I had him stop at Panera and we both had some chicken soup. (By this time it was almost three and he ate at ten; I think low blood sugar had something to do with it.) Publix didn't have the salad dressing, either, so we just came home, and we were able to catch up on This Old House (from the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy) and Sleepy Hollow.

What was left of the fallout after Tropical Storm Karen collapsed in the Gulf of Mexico combined with the cold front coming from the northwest blew in around 7:30 with a clatter of rain on the chimney-top. It rained for the remainder of the night, sometimes very hard—I looked out on the deck at one point and rain was sluicing down one of the chairs like a waterfall—which means, of course, that I probably lost both Last Tango in Halifax and the first episode of The Paradise. Ah, well, I missed the third episode of Last Tango anyway...

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