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» Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Not Waiting for the Waiting to Be Over...

...since I have entirely too many things I can be doing. I learned not to say "I'm bored" in front of my mother, who could always find me something to do (and it always involved housework or ironing!).

Yesterday I washed and dried two loads of clothes, and worked more at web page "redecoration," manipulating photos for the various pages. This is always the toughest part; writing for the page is easy. I also went out for about an hour to take a 50 percent off coupon to Michaels. I needed a container for the different beads and charms I am using to make book thongs and other jewelry pieces. Found a nice one for only $6. I stopped off at QT on the way home because they're the only gas station in town that has free air for tires. I made the mistake of crossing over the top of my hood with the "rubber" hose, which made a half-dozen nice big scratches in the the paint. Oh, great, all I needed after that tire bounced off the freeway a couple of years ago and into my car, leaving scratches on the left side. They don't even match.

We had chicken apple sausages and scalloped potatoes for supper and watched Sleepy Hollow and finally Castle. Neat little mystery there. James kept looking at the rich guy and saying "Why does he sound familiar?" That's because it was Tom Amandes, who's in one of our favorite From the Earth to the Moon episodes, "Galileo Was Right," playing astronaut Harrison Schmitt.

This morning the alarm wrenched me out of a long, complicated, vividly Technicolor dream. I hate these; they go on and on, usually with no end to whatever problem I have in the dream (like correcting database pages or building a purchase order). James dreams about flying airplanes, I dream about work or cleaning the bathroom. [eyes roll]

This morning I decided to tackle several unfinished "projects." The first chore was washing the floor in the hall bath where Willow now stays at night, and cleaning out her night things. Since I had the Swiffer mop out, I washed the floor in the master bath, too. Next, I was never satisfied with the total result of the to-be-read book distribution and I wanted to re-stack the Christmas books from World Book. I did this and redistributed a few books that were still in what was supposed to be a classic children's book pile into their proper piles. I also vacuumed under that pile before putting them back (I'm thinking of reading them one a day as an Advent project) and did the rest of the bedroom.

Next I had to take care of the spare room. I took down the old foam "wedgies" from the closet shelf and inspected them; the foam was dark and starting to separate. I just packed them both in a trash bag. We don't really need the newer wedgies with the adjustable bed, but I kept them in case of a power failure or a guest who might need to use one. I also rearranged the "ditty bag" of snacks being assembled for vacation.

Vacuumed the living and dining room. Finally put up the autumn garland on the divider. Rearranged James' magazines in a neat pile. Paid my credit card bill. Indexed the last five cross-stitch magazines I bought. Took some books downstairs to be shelved. Did my two required book reviews on Amazon Vine. Put a load of dishes through the dishwasher, emptied it, reloaded it, and am washing more dishes.

Anyway, after five and a half hours of nonstop housework decided I was done for the day and have been reading "Backwoods Home" and the two British magazines I bought a couple of weeks ago, "Landscape" and "Landlove," while listening to the Christmas CDs I bought last  year in Williamsburg. Have glass armonica music on right now.

[Later: James made pork cacciatore with lots of onions and mushrooms...and slivered almonds, which was weird, but actually worked...and corn pasta for supper. We had pumpkin bread for dessert, and spent the evening watching a simply smashing three-part documentary on PBS about superheroes. Or, in the words of my people: wicked cool!]

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