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» Friday, October 25, 2013
Looking for One Thing, Finding Another

I rather struck out at the beginning of the day.

I let my bed seduce me an extra half hour, because I really miss getting eight hours of sleep every night. After breakfast was over, I headed out to Wild Birds Unlimited to get a new squirrel-proof bird feeder because the inner part of one of ours (the part that holds the birdseed) has a big hole near the top of it. Well, turns out they have changed the feeders; they are short and squat now rather than slim and tall. However, the guy at the store said they have a lifetime guarantee, and if I bring in the broken feeder, they might have a replacement "innard." So I left empty-handed.

I also struck out trying to find a place I was hoping was an actual storefront. Sadly, it turned out to just be an accommodation address.

But I did have good luck in other parts of the day. Since I was heading to Buckhead anyway—driving West Paces Ferry has been completely spoilt by all those traffic lights—I stopped at Barnes & Noble with my 20 percent off coupon hoping to find something good, and I did: a "new" "Best of British" (at least one newer than the one I have) and also an idea for a James anniversary gift. Plus I found a cool new book about Boston and the American Revolution to use the coupon on.

I also stopped at Oxford Comics to see if there was anything Doctor Who-ish there, and instead found a new Elfquest comic. I've been a big Elfquest fan since Abby Murphy got me hooked on it so long ago; although I left off buying the comics around the time of the "Hidden Years" cycle, I've caught up with them online. This is "The Final Quest," with all the old characters I loved: Cutter, Blood of Ten Chiefs; his mate Leetah, the healer from the Sun tribe; and his best friend Skywise, and the rest of the occupants of the holt. Brought back many lovely memories of weekends in Boston and visits to Million Year Picnic in Cambridge.

As I was walking back to the checkout, I checked out a Rocketeer graphic novel (sadly, not an older one by Dave Stevens), then looked up to put it back, and there it was, the graphic novel based on Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May mysteries! It's not even available on Amazon! I had to get it; I love Bryant and May, although I suppose I should be disconcerted by how much I agree with Arthur Bryant; he's a contentious old cuss. :-)

Came home, ate lunch, washed out the dog's things, watched Lassie and waited for James to come home. Went to Hibachi Grill for dinner and then stopped by Publix for twofers.

Read the graphic novel tonight, chuckling all the way through Arthur and John trading arguments. Bravo!

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