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» Saturday, October 12, 2013
Completely Booked for the Season

Not sleeping well again; how annoying! Never mind, I had to be up at 7:45 on Friday anyway, to dress, eat breakfast, and take out again and then pill the dog before I had to leave at least by 8:40.

Pilling the dog is the least complicated of these processes. I don't know what the heck is in those Greenies "pill pockets," but it must be doggie drugs. With the pill tucked up in its soft sides, Willow eats it like it's a steak.

I wasn't late; it was 8:50 a.m. and people were lined up—in two lines!—to gain entrance to the fall edition of the Cobb County Friends of the Library Book Sale. The lady behind me, who showed up with a shopping cart, had driven up all the way from Jonesboro. People were in front of me with suitcases, boxes on luggage carts, etc. I just had two reusable grocery bags. (Later on, I bumped into someone who had a large Radio Flyer wagon with her; not the little kiddy wagon like Timmy had on Lassie, but a full honkin' big 40-inch-long wagon with the faux wooden board sides and the big wheels. Seriously? In aisles this narrow?)

Compared to last time and last October, I was relatively moderate. :-) The total tally is here. I'm happy to finally have a copy of Outlaw Red; it's the only one of Kjelgaard's Irish setter trilogy that I didn't have. The brand-new copy of Restoration London really pleased me, too, as I love Liza Picard's books. The book I found for James was about air mail pilots before the Government took over the service.

Did odds and ends around the house when I got home, and we went to IHOP for supper to take advantage of the BOGO on senior meals. Then we did BOGOs of another sort at Publix, including boneless pork loin. We had a sweet time getting that wedged in the freezer!

Tediously, James had to go into work today, but next week he gets his three-day weekend because he gets next Friday off. (Of course part of that time he has to take Willow to the vet to get her blood tested again.) I knew where I'd go first thing this morning.

Yes, you guessed it, back to the book sale; trucked over there after breakfast. Of course the books are all picked over—but, on the other hand, there are so many fewer people here. I was parked near the first building rather than out near the equestrian amphitheater, and it was evident that some of the contestants for this weekend's rodeo had arrived; there were horseapples everywhere, and corresponding flies. You had to be careful to skirt the former and were forced to flick at the latter.

Despite the buzzsaw approach from the crowd yesterday, I found many goodies!—total tally here. I was able to pick out three books for James, one on the Battle of Britain, one on the aircraft Lady-Be-Good which was lost in the desert for many years, and a book on the film Twister that is mostly about tornado-chasing. Four history books for me! Three more "Dear America" books! And a big, big surprise, the third book that Frank Gilbreth Jr wrote about his family, Time Out for Happiness. This was a very rare volume when it was released and mostly went to libraries; it goes for $20 or more on online book sites. I've only read it as a library book and always wanted a copy.

When I got done at the book sale I went to Kroger and finished up the shopping, including a nice slice of round steak for supper tomorrow night. This afternoon I've been straightening out the books and listening to the BBC.

[Later: When James got in we had supper at SteviB's, then went to Barnes & Noble with our coupons. Saw a glorious sunset from the sidewalk overlooking the parking lot. Saw a couple of books I liked, but actually bought The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything. Thought it might be good as Advent reading.]

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