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» Sunday, October 13, 2013
Apples to Apples

We were up at seven this morning to go to the Georgia Apple Festival. I felt sorry for James because this is the seventh day in a row he's been up early, but he wants to go somewhere else next weekend, so if we want to go, it's today. Picked up breakfast at Wendy's and drove up to Ellijay listening to "The Splendid Table," with a splendid sunrise to start us off.

Alas, we lucked out the last three years we went to the Festival; it was cool and cloudy or cool and windy, but today the sun was a big blazing ball in a clear sky. It was cool enough when we got there, and we didn't stay until the heat became oppressive, but the sun still bothers me since the radioactive iodine treatment and makes me feel like my skin is burning. I much prefer cloudy days!

So we had a nice tramp around the Lions' Club field. The usual vendors were there, and we did a lot of "window shopping." We did buy some finishing jellies from One Screw Loose, and James got a gift for his mom and sister, and we got the second and last of our yearly fudge from Ginny's Fudge. To our disappointment, the dark-chocolate-with-orange sold out yesterday! I was so looking forward to a couple of more pieces of that. I also bought a little horseshoe for the front of the house. Of course we will be careful to mount it open end downward, so "the good luck won't run out." Saw a lovely dry sink that we have no room for; the same folks, who make furniture out of old barn wood, had a great table that would have made a super kitchen island—if our kitchen wasn't so miniscule, that is.

Two hours was enough for us, and we headed back toward Panorama Orchards. The place was packed and we had to wait for a shopping cart. We bought a peck of Granny Smith apples and James got some sugar-free taffy and some honey mustard salad dressing. Couldn't resist having an apple each the moment we got into the car—oh, they crunch so nicely and are so tart! Stopped at a Krystal for a bit to eat, ran into a "mystery jam," made a brief detour to the QT for gasoline and a newspaper, and were home by two o'clock. I spent the afternoon reading Time Out for Happiness. A nice steak with some mushroom rice for supper, finally watched Monday's Castle that was pre-empted for football, and saw part 3 of The Paradise.

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