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» Wednesday, October 02, 2013
And a One and a Two...
So yesterday the furlough started.

We were scheduled to work four hours to initiate shutdown procedures, like putting special out-of-the-office messages on our telephones and on our e-mails. We also had some messages we were supposed to send before we left...except that then we were told no...and then we were told yes...I was still working on it when another message came through that said they had it covered. So I signed off.

James had taken Willow to the vet yesterday morning, to have a test for Cushing's disease. They're thinking this is why she might be breaking her housetraining and need to go out so often. About 1:30 we drove back out to Dunwoody to pick her up, and had a lovely ride home with the windows of the truck down.

This morning I got up at eight, had breakfast and drove into Buckhead to go to Barnes & Noble to see if the autumn issue of "This England" was out. It was. Wandered around the store, appreciatively sniffed the coffee, and drove home, as I had driven in, through West Paces Ferry Road. Spent the rest of the day tidying up the house: cleaning off the dog's "litter box," rearranging the to-be-read piles of books so I could get to my bedroom window again, putting things away in the kitchen, vacuuming, doing some dusting. Before I could get tired of cleaning, James was home and we had supper and watched two episodes of Earthflight, one with a great sequence of a super-flock of budgies near Ayers Rock evading a marauding falcon.

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