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» Saturday, October 19, 2013
A Friendly Day (Except for the Final Intruder)

We were up at eight and had a busy, busy day today. First stop was the Farmer's Market, where we bought a cucumber, some sweet corn, two baking potatoes, and some cherry tomatoes, plus a barbecue pot pie, tamales for James, and some goat cheese for me. We were planning to get some apple and peach bread to take to Hair Day, but the vendor was not there. (They are from Ellijay, so I will bet they're at the second weekend of the Apple Festival.) We got bagels and cinnamon rolls from the Hoboken Bakery booth instead.

Had a good time at Hair Day. The lunch centerpiece was pizza bread, and we also had an olive tray and a fruit dish. We left before dessert to go relieve the dog, and then we finished the shopping, going to Costco for mushrooms and various other little things, and then to Publix for twofers. Since we got milk at Costco we didn't need to go to Kroger at all, which pleased me no end. Once we finished that we had a couple of hours to put everything away and then we both took a nap.

Tonight we had a nice dinner at Longhorn for a rather sad reason: Juanita's mom is starting to fail. She is having health problem after health problem, can't walk any longer, and is under hospice care, so Juanita and David are having nice things for her in the time she has left. Everyone gave her a hug or a kiss before and after dinner. She's been such a fighter; an inspiration to us all, but her body just can't fight back anymore. We had a good time in being together.

After dinner James and I went to the Barnes & Noble at West Cobb. He'd surprised me today by saying he got two coupons from them yesterday; I got none at all! I bought The Lincoln Conspiracy with the coupon he shared with me, a cross-stitch magazine, the Christmas issue of "Southern Lady," and the November issue of "Doctor Who Magazine," which has a smashing cover photo of Doctors four through eight. Sylvester McCoy always looks like a mischievous elf.

We came home to watch television, but mostly I wanted to fall asleep, and now I've just screamed and run away from the computer because a honkin' big palmetto bug was just crawling over my cross-stitch magazine on the tray next to me on the sofa. James almost got it but of course the rotter escaped under the sofa...eeeeeek!

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