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» Sunday, September 08, 2013
Not Fresh as a Daisy

I figured if I could get through the night without coughing, we could go to the Yellow Daisy Festival—not to mention to work on Monday, as I really have things to finish up! Well, I didn't, and we did, but I was short of sleep for other reasons; the medication the doctor prescribed has mostly taken care of another health problem, but I still have outbreaks now and then, usually at inopportune times—of course. Typical of life, as February Callendar would say.

Nevertheless, we were up at 8:15, stopped for breakfast at Wendy's (their bowl of oatmeal has gotten smaller), and were on our way to Stone Mountain Park. We usually get there five or ten minutes before opening, and were only fifteen minutes late; nevertheless, the crowds seemed very thick today and it was tiring to push through them, rather like the Marriott on the Saturday of DragonCon. They were letting people park in the Crossroads parking lot, near the DUKW tours, so we were directed there. Even at ten, wearing our chill cloths, after this cool rainy summer, the sun seemed unbearably hot. I should be used to it; ever since the radioactive iodine treatment my skin burns when the sun touches it, but it's always a shock. James' knees were giving him a great deal of trouble as well.

So we didn't have as good a time as usual; even though I had some cold water to sip, my throat hurt more as the morning went on, and my sinuses are still being a PITA. We even skipped the last curve of booths because we were just too damn beat with the heat. But we did pick up some nice things: a new, thick leather belt for James; more jelly from One Screw Loose including two finishing sauces (balsamic with garlic and the new balsamic vinegar with figs, which tastes perfect to go on lamb), a gift basket, some fruit jelly, three different soup mixes for the winter as well as some chili recipe we may be able to take to Hair Day, and the first of our two annual "fudge for dessert" instances this year (we'll get more at the Georgia Apple Festival and that will be it).

Alas, unless I'm buying for someone else, I have exhausted anything else I can buy from Country Pickin's, the miniatures booth. I did buy a broomstick to add to the Hallowe'en display of our year-round fall shadow box, and a few more "books" and things to go with my "Linda shelf." I don't garden, I don't sew, I used the camping theme for Jen and Mike's gift, I dislike summer beach stuff (beaches are best in winter when the tourists are gone), and I'm not interested enough in Hallowe'en to make an entire themed shadow box. Wish they had Thanksgiving things! I've got Christmas, winter, two autumns, a seashore theme in the bath, and the "Linda shelf" and I'm done.

Were out of Stone Mountain Park by one o'clock, stopped at Publix for the necessities of life (milk and bread), and came home. Had to clean up after Willow, but was finally able to sit down in the cool, take my cold meds and something for my stuffy nose, and take a nap.

James took the rest of the roast beef that we bought for sandwiches and made it with gravy, and we had it over rice, with nice juicy watermelon for dessert. Had some laughs watching America's Funniest Home Videos and am now dipping into the new British series, Last Tango in Halifax, with Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid. It's got a familiar theme, as the comedy series As Time Goes By: A couple who were interested in each other in high school find each other via Facebook when they are in their sixties.

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