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» Saturday, September 14, 2013
Tastes Good Like a Festival Should

Hark, hark, the dog does bark...but why before the alarm?

But we were going to the Farmer's Market anyway, so might as well get up.

We had a cold front go through late yesterday, and the weather was glorious this morning: a sky of bright winter blue, temperature about 60°F, a light breeze blowing. We could drive with the windows down and were comfortable enough to stroll through the twice-monthly artists' market that sets up on Mill Street and check out the jewelry, artwork, and crafts. At the Farmer's Market, we bought cucumbers, baking potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn, some brownies for dessert, and boiled peanuts and chicken salad for James. The Capra Gia folks ("goat cheese guy") brought a two-day old kid with them, and were letting the children feed it with a baby bottle. You should have see the little white goat waggling her tail as she nursed. All I could think of was Heidi and the Alm Uncle's little goat Schwanli.

From the market we went directly to Costco, intending to stock up on toilet paper and Mandarin oranges. We also had coupons for omeprazole and loratadine. Well, we found Star Trek: Into Darkness on sale, and they had a new stock of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, including a neat storm grey color in my size and, even better, my length, that I couldn't resist. They will look slick with my bright blue winter sweater!

Once home James left for his club meeting, and I washed the bathroom floor, made the bed, topped off my omeprazole bottle, cut out coupons, and dubbed off Joanna Bogle's newest Feasts & Seasons about the saints. I could have sworn I had five of these, but there were only four. There was a Lassie episode I was keeping, too, "The Moved Monument." I want a couple of more, too, like "The Rescue" with Kenneth Tobey, "Fire Watchers" with Ruth taking a turn in a fire tower, "The Musher," which takes place at a winter carnival, and "Deadly Goats," where Paul's goats are suspected of having anthrax.

I was thinking I need to start spiffing up my Lassie website; it's my most popular site and two big anniversaries are coming up: December 17 is the 75th anniversary of the Lassie character; Eric Knight's short story was first published in the December 17, 1938, issue of the "Saturday Evening Post." Next September 12 is the 60th anniversary of the first episode of the television series. Special moves should be afoot. :-)

Tonight for supper we went to Taste of Smyrna. Yes, I badly abused my digestion, but I enjoyed what I ate: a crabcake that was much too peppery, but so "crabby" that I ate it anyway, between bites of Atkins Park's "drunken pork roast" over white grits, to cut the fire. (I don't usually eat grits, which tells you how good these are). Also had some chicken pad thai, and some pork barbecue from Williamson with very little sauce (it's still coming up on me). For dessert, chocolate ice cream from Brusters. We didn't go until 6:30, just as the sun was getting low, so it was pleasant, if not cool, and not suffocating in the crowds of people going from booth to booth. (But, dang, doesn't anyone make a crabcake without a ton of pepper in it?)

Oh, here's the Doctor Who poster we saw last night, except the one we saw was horizontal, not vertical.

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