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» Friday, September 13, 2013
"Dry Cleaning" and Other Adventures

So nice to have a day to sleep in. Was so tired I completely slept through James' alarm and mine thirty seconds later, waking up about eight.

I had an appointment to get my boobs blocked and pressed   for a mammogram at 11:30, so I couldn't start any big projects. I did some tidying, sorted some craft items, stripped the bed and started the bedclothes in the washer, and put up the food we bought at the Yellow Daisy Festival. Before we left, I took Willow outside and also replaced the summer things on the porch with fall ones. Good riddance to the summer things.

The appointment was a breeze; not sure why women hate mammograms—I can only think it's because they are afraid of the possible results. I'll be thinking about them, too, until the results come in, but the process is less uncomfortable than going to a dentist.

Came home by Walmart. I knew this was where we had bought the now missing combination lock for the back gate, and I was right. Also picked out a new rug for near the deck door as the pretty one I had bought was too tall for the door to open over it. Then got some odds and ends like Breathe Rights, and was out pretty quickly for a Walmart run.

Stopped by the bank for money for the Farmer's Market for the comedy portion of my day. Went to the drive-up ATM. Drove up precisely so I could feed the card into the reader—and promptly dropped it. So I had to move the car up, get out, pick up the card, and run it. When I stepped back to the car, my door was jammed in the holly bush that lined the side of the bank. I had to move up to get it loose. Then, as I drove away, I realized I had the money I withdrew and the receipt, but no card. So made a big circle, parked behind the bank, and walked back to the holly bush, and there was the card. [eyes roll]

Finally to the library to return a very overdue book, and stopped at Aldi for milk, then home. Put the bedclothes in the dryer, did some vacuuming, dubbed off Easter Unwrapped, which has been on the DVR for a year and a half, and, finally, having shut the television and lulled by both a sleeping budgie and a sleeping terrier, joined them in a nap.

We went to SteviB's for supper, then stopped by Barnes & Noble to check out the magazines. Found a new "Cross Stitch and Needlework" with lovely fall patterns. While looking to see if they had "Country," I wandered to the regional rack and gave a squeal James heard two racks away: I found a "Best of British"! I haven't seen this magazine in a store in Georgia since the year the Buckhead Borders store went out of business (and they'd only started getting them again; the last one I'd found before that was in the Garden City Borders in Rhode Island the year my mother passed away).

We were up at Town Center to check out a new store called 2nd and Charles, run by the Books-a-Million people. It's mainly a used bookstore, with some new books scattered about (they had a wonderful eleven Doctors poster, but I have no idea where I'd put it; all our walls are taken! and some British Who novels published to celebrate the 50th anniversary), but they also have CDs, DVDs, some musical instruments, and—oh, my ears and whiskers!—record albums! Real live LPs! They take trades (even iPhones and iPads), and I think they want to be McKay's [up in Tennessee] when they grow up. :-) I wandered about expecting to find nothing, and found a beautiful coffee table book of Charles Wysocki art and what I think is a British book called Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters, with not only the feature-length films, but all the shorts, and the series like Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck. The interesting thing is that they talk about each of the animated characters' personalities. Also got a copy of Karen Hesse's Brooklyn Bridge, which takes place in 1908.

It was dark and velvety when we emerged, with Venus hanging low in the west, visible even through the bright lights of Barrett Parkway. It was also, wonderfully, cool! We drove back home, stopping for ice cream on the way, through the sweet night with crickets chirping, back through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park, past the dark expanse of Jim Miller Park all ready for the start of next week's North Georgia Fair, and down Windy Hill Road, with the windows down enjoying the delightful breeze. When we got home the nightly cicada chorus was finally quiet, and it all felt in tune with the fall flag on the porch waving in the breeze.

No time to further peruse the books, though: had to put new sheets on the bed and get the bedclothes finished drying, and run the vacuum quickly before putting it away. So: needed medical work, returned library book, bed changed, trip to Wally World made, milk bought, some keen books, exercise to boot...not a bad day's tally.

(Still thinking about that poster, though...)

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