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» Monday, September 02, 2013
DragonCon, Day 4

This will have to be an even shorter short, short version because it will be time to go to bed soon.

It was a swell day, except that I had to take Willow outside again because she simply would not go in the rain for James. We had breakfast and I arranged to meet James at the garage after my last (::sob::) panel at five p.m.

My first panel was in the Hilton to hear David Warner speak. A wonderful, gracious man, with a lot of good movie stories, the best about Sam Peckinpah, who hired Warner for Straw Dogs. Warner had been in a serious accident and had been told there was a good chance he wouldn't walk again. Sam Peckinpah told him "You will walk again" and cast him in the film even though he wasn't healed yet. He had tears in his eyes talking about it.

Next was a small panel in the Sheraton about Blake's 7 and other British science fiction series, with Kim Holec as the moderator. We did actually talk about other series.

Then I had to hotfoot it back to the Hyatt because I was determined to see Ed Asner. There was a line outside, but not too bad; I made it inside without trouble. I had seen this on James' schedule, so I saved a seat for him, and sure enough, he turned up and we had a good time listening—and I even got up and asked him a question about The Gathering. Funny thing, the guy behind me had the same question! If I'd known that, I could have asked him about The Plot to Overthrow Christmas.

James was off to his last two panels, and me to mine: the Doctor Who 2104 and Beyond discussion. The room was packed!

And then the final one, which for me is usually the Brittrack suggestion panel, but they didn't have one this year. Instead it was "Brit TV You Should Be Watching." Lots of suggestions, of course, and the panel looking exhausted. This year Rob Bowen looked more tired than Caro Brown!

One final walk to the garage and to the truck, and we were headed home. We stopped briefly at Barnes & Noble with our coupons—the new Harry Dresden book was out in paperback, and James got the newest book by John Ringo—and then, as we always do after DragonCon, we had supper at Longhorn; after three and a half days of sandwiches, we always want real food. It took forever. Our drinks came fast enough, but everything else was glacial, and the waitress almost forgot our bread. It took us two hours to get out of there and we still had to stop at Kroger.

If that wasn't bad enough, Willow had used the potty pad and then stepped in it and made a mess. I had to wash out everything and scrub the floor. So where I wasn't tired when I left downtown, I sure am now.

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