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» Saturday, August 10, 2013
Saturday Slump

We've had a quiet day. Work has me quite knackered and even though I had eight hours sleep (well, except when James' alarm went off and I had some Unavoidable Delay), I went to the Farmers Market feeling a bit shellshocked. The heat didn't help; at nine o'clock it was already 78°F out with 88 percent humidity, and the sun felt like a broiler. We bought a lamb pot pie for the first time, a good supply of dog cookies, chicken salad, some Vidalia onions, and corn on the cob, then came home by the bakery to buy a couple of desserts for next week.

We thought about going out for breakfast, but the IHOP was packed, so we just came home and had our usual. Then James went off to his club meeting. I read for a while, but was getting sleepier and sleepier, and finally decided to take a nap about two o'clock.

Yes, of course James got home at 2:30. Ah, well, I did feel better. Just lying down with my eyes closed for one half hour more with no lights in them seemed to help.

We drove out to James Corley's house to see if James wanted anything of his stock of models that he's selling off, but he didn't see anything. We went on to Trader Joe's and picked up, among other things, some coq au vin, which we had for supper. Not bad. But by the time we got home James wasn't feeling well. Heat takes so much out of both of us.

Lots of rumbling in the early evening, but not much on the rain front. I did go out and fill the bird feeders before anything went down; the brown-headed nuthatchs were so hungry they were swarming around as I filled each feeder.

Spent the evening watching Britcoms until after As Time Goes By was over. GPB makes me laugh, talking about Good Neighbors as if it's a new show!

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