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» Saturday, August 17, 2013
Waiting for Dryness

Amazing! Another day of clouds and in the 60s, and pockets of rain in between.

We enjoyed the hell out of it, but it's terrible for helping carpeting to dry!

It was a marvelous day for the Farmer's Market, though, comfortable to walk around and sample things. We bought more chicken salad, some brownies for desserts, and three pasta salads to take to Hair Day (and apple bread). Then we had the pleasing, if damp, ride through Villa Rica Road to the Butlers for Hair Day. It was a small crowd, but a warm one, and it was a great morning and early afternoon.

Then it was time for errands. We had several stops to make. One was to try to deal with Willow's new problem. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought one of those indoor dog potties and the pads to go with it. James also got a refill CO2 container for his Soda Stream. We also stopped at Petco to get Schuyler her seed and some new millet, and I bought some dog diapers as well. We will try them both.

Finally we had a little time to ourselves and went to Barnes & Noble with our coupons. I was telling James there should be some great books coming out next year (not to mention some great radio programs on the BBC, judging by their coverage of the Titanic anniversary!) since it's the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. What I really would like to read is a good history of the homefront during that time, especially in the United States; it wasn't like the second war, where some folks were all for joining in, some just for sending aid, and the rest not wanting to be involved—we pretty much wanted to keep our nose out of the conflict, and then, when circumstances turned, all of a sudden everything was gung-ho with the war effort. Even children's series books at that time had their main characters going off to fight (the boys' series) or doing something for the war effort (the girls' series). It always reads as if someone flipped a switch! Was it that way, really? And what about all those Meatless Days and Wheatless Days, and making the world safe for democracy, and little kids, even those bedridden, not wanting to be a "slacker" in the war effort?

So it was with delight I found The Last of the Doughboys at B&N and am looking forward to reading it.

We had some soup at the bookstore and came home and walked upstairs barefooted or in booties since there were still damp bits of the carpet. It was dry in front of the computers, so I did bring the clear chair pads back out, and the computer chairs, and James spent most of the evening catching up with lost computer time. I put the potty pad together and encouraged Willow to sniff at it, but she was having none of it, which didn't surprise me. It's strange to her, and a strange concept, as she was never paper trained or ever encouraged to "go" inside.

I also cleaned off the vacuum cleaner. It's been rolling over that grimy rug, and then yesterday, since I had to vacuum before Mike showed up, I was forced to run it over spots that were still wet from Willow's accidents. It was a mess. I pulled out the beater bar, cut off the hair around it, and washed it, then washed inside the compartment in which the beater bar rotates, and also cleaned off every part of the vacuum cleaner that touches the floor, finally disinfecting it with alcohol.

Later Mike showed up on chat and we talked about his getting ready for the first day of school (he works at the law library at the University of Oklahoma).

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