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» Saturday, August 24, 2013

Work has me whipped.

Each year I think I can't get any more tired during end of fiscal year and every year it proves me wrong. I am dog tried this year and hurting to boot. When I finally finished on Friday my right hand was aching and by the time I got home (sixty minutes tonight!) my right shoulder was swollen and sore to the touch. I finally got some crushed ice from the fridge and put it into plastic bags and put one bag on my wrist and the other on my shoulder near my neck (the skin along my right occipital bone was swollen, too). Even worse, my eyes are killing me. Even the television makes me squint. What's the difference between last year and this year? Those damn fluorescent lights, of course. At lunchtime Friday I flat collapsed in the car during lunch, having swallowed three ibuprofin against the headache.

So today, when James had to get up and go to work, I took the opportunity to sleep late. Instead of spending a lot of time at the computer (which I should have; I have a pile of books to review), I cleaned house (scrubbed the floor in the kitchen, did the toilets, other routine stuff), ran things up and down the stairs—oh, and washed out Willow's bedding again.

We gave up on keeping her crate in the kitchen. When she did have an accident in the early morning, it was just too much to have to mop up and then pack lunches, too (not to mention gross). So now she's in the hall bath, and has been rewarded several times for using the potty pad. Unfortunately she hasn't gotten the hang of it yet; I found a big puddle next to and under her crate! Instead of wasting paper towels, I just mopped up the mess with the towel from her crate and then washed that and the fleece. And then I washed the floor.

Wish I could explain to her how to aim. Today she pretty much spent asleep in James' recliner, only asking to go out three times.

Oh, and listened to more BBC radio: another part of Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair, the next part of Mr. Finchley Goes to Paris (with Richard Griffiths), the last part of the Chesterton story, and part two of Cabin Pressure. I also found a drama about P.G. Wodehouse being suspected of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" in World War II.

James arrived home at 5:30 with a bounty of mail, including my two books from Amazon Vine. One is the history of ballooning and the other is an American history text. Love my history books! We ate at Ken's Corner Grill and then did the grocery shopping at both Publix and Kroger so tomorrow we can go to Costco and just bum around (nap please!).

Oh, and we stopped at Home Depot...when we moved in the house there was no room for lamps on our nighttables. So we got these nifty dimmer lights that mounted on the headboard of the bed, ordered out of the Vermont Country Store catalog. James' light "broke" a year or two ago; you couldn't shut it off. So we put a dimmer switch on it and it worked that way tolerably well, but both the light and the dimmer switch quit working last night. So we brought home a gooseneck clip-on lamp instead.only to discover the gooseneck "lopped over" and the lamp part wouldn't stay up! It's tied up in place with string right now.

Chilled out watching a compilation of Too Cute puppies.

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