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» Sunday, August 11, 2013
The Food Chain

Yep, it was time again for a BJs expedition. We needed Chex mix and Costco doesn't have it and we'd have to re-up at Sam's Club. Plus BJs takes credit cards; more points on the Amazon card. Pay it off on Monday and you have a deal.

Might as well enjoy it: I downloaded this week's "The Splendid Table" and we listened to Lynn Rosetto Casper and guests talk about milk mayonnaise, grilling vegetables, etc. and the now almost obligatory visit by Jane and Michael Stern. Once at BJs we checked out the tech—yeah, I'm drooling over cameras again but can't afford one—and then buckled down to shopping for staples. Oh, and I bought a book about retirement.

We had to come home by Town Center and the Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up something with a coupon, then stopped at home briefly to drop off the things we got at BJs before finishing up at Kroger for the base staples (milk and Those Damn Bananas). Sampled some really good hummus and found some quick-cooking steaks for tomorrow night on the manager's special shelf.

We did have a minor contretemps upon checking out. As we were walking to checkout, we came by a big dump of books that were on sale. Some of the prices were excellent; there were coffee table books as low as $8.00 each. But, even better, there was a big sign on the front saying that all of the books were 50 percent off the lowest price on the book. But when we got to the checkout, all the $8.00 books rang up full price. We asked why. The cashier called a manager, who said, well, we get these in a box from the publisher. The $8.00 is the marked-down price. But the sign says... No, you must be misunderstanding. That's what it said on the sign, we insisted. So she had to go check. And it turned out...we were right, and got the books at the proper price.

But I was sorry for having held up the line.

(These were lovely, brand-new books. One was still in its plastic wrapping! Several we put aside for gifts.)

Spent the rest of the afternoon tidying things up, and watching I Want That! and Rick Steves specials. Had a great time watching his travel lecture and am now watching "Travel as a Political Act."

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