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» Friday, August 02, 2013
Drawn to the Purple

Ah, sleep, which knits the raveled sleeve...and all that. But I did sleep in this morning, since I'd be puttering around until the exterminator showed up. So finally about 10:30 Willow needed to go out, so I took her. As she sniffed about, I noticed once again that the tall bushes—nandina, Cindy called it—on either side of St. Francis were overgrown and he was disappearing between the stalks. So I opened the garage and got the pruners, and cut the tops off branch by branch while Willow finished her p-mail. Of course once the nandina was trimmed the darn hedge of bushes—leaves are reddish, and they have pink stringy blooms that look like miniature mimosa flowers; I think it's called a firecracker bush—was now just too tall, so I dragged the hedge clippers and the extension cord out and trimmed it down. Bad time of year for it, but I didn't get a chance in February.

The exterminator arrived while I was doing this, so I was able to open up the garage so he could treat for spiders. Once he left I could finally start on my errands. Originally I had to go to Kroger to drop off my prescriptions and then to the bank and then hopefully back to Kroger. Well, the doctor had called and said after seeing the results of my blood tests he wanted to change the dosage on two of my meds. So I had to go past Kaiser to pick up the prescriptions and put one of them in to be refilled.

First I had to track them down. They weren't entered in the pharmacy, so I had to go upstairs to adult medicine. The nurse found them, but they were written for 30 with two refills instead of 90 with three refills. Okay, I get it. He's going to play with the dosage and wants me back in 90 days for another blood test. But I don't want three 30-day meds. I want one 90-day. I had the hardest time making the nurse understand, and she never did. Anyway, the pharmacy gave me 90 of the one I had to have filled downstairs, and told me Kroger would probably do the same thing.

No, Kroger told me. They couldn't give me 90 unless the doctor wrote 90. (See, I told you!) However, they could give me all three 30s at once, but it would cost $4 x 3 instead of one 90 day at $10. Pfft!

I didn't get to the bank until 2:30! Thankfully, that was easy: I just had a CD that just expired, and I just wanted to pull the money and put it into savings since it was earning a pissant .05 interest. I talked to a financial advisor for a few minutes about preparations to make going toward retirement, and then, close to three o'clock, finally got home to eat lunch!

Anyway, today I had decided to wear two new things: a dark shirt that said "Bibliovore" on it that James bought me, and my new pair of black "scrubs" that I found at Dollar General. The scrubs usually come in colors like turquoise and gas-flame blue, both which I have, and I'd stupidly worn the latter outside while I was chopping away at the bushes, so they were dirty around the hems, so I put the black ones on, since it was already hot and rising into the 1990s. Scrubs are nice and light to wear at this time of year. At the bank I noticed that my hands looked all dirty. For a second I attributed this to having messed with the bushes, but I had scrubbed my hands before I changed clothes. It was terrible; there was a purple-black through all the little fissures of my fingers and my nails looked grubby. So when I came home I scrubbed and scrubbed my hands and they still stayed dirty.

Well, I realized, it was the new shirt! It was such a dark grey, but it had a purplish cast, and I figured the color ran when I started to perspire. Quite aggravating...maybe some people don't mind going around with grubby fingers, but I certainly didn't want to.

We had supper at Howard's Delicatessen tonight. The food was fine. Nothing spectacular, but not bad. We both had the open-faced roast beef sandwich. Not real roast beef, but not slimy deli meat, either. James had the mashed potatoes with his, but I settled for beef, bread and gravy, with a side of sliced tomatoes. We decided to have dessert; the French silk pie is good, but the cream on top was too sweet; about halfway through I just scraped it off and ate chocolate and crust.

We had JoAnn coupons, so went there after supper. This was a 25 percent off everything, even sale items, so we tried to gather up them. Slim pickings, but we did get a gift, and I also bought some coloring books to go along with the crayons I bought at Publix today. All the back-to-school things are on sale, and I found boxes of crayons for fifty cents. I plan to pair them with the coloring books as something to put in the Toys for Tots barrel at Christmas.

Came home through the park and got stuck in traffic in downtown Marietta due to a combination of it being the monthly Friday "art walk" and an accident at a railroad crossing (there is a car with no front end anymore). It was only when we were home and changing clothes that I found out the real truth: it was the pants that were the culprit for the mess on my hands. My socks were all blackish-purple around the ankle, and my legs from thigh down to the top of the socks had a purple cast! I had to walk into the shower and scrub off my legs before I could change. Too strange!

(Incidentally, I wanted to call this entry "Dyed in the Twill"...but they aren't. Heh.)

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