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» Saturday, August 03, 2013
Doc on the Block

One of the results of Kaiser's snafu with James' doctor's appointment on Tuesday—when he confirmed the appointment they told him it was 9:40 a.m., but when he arrived, they told him he had missed it because it was at 8:40—was that he didn't get his blood test done. It was supposed to be a fasting blood test, but he couldn't go without eating until his re-assigned appointment at 4:40. So the first thing to do this Saturday morning was go to one of Kaiser's weekend clinics and get a blood test. So we both got up at eight, and I grabbed a fruit cup for each of us and an extra granola bar for James, and we went off to the Glenlake office near Perimeter Mall, which James' doctor and the nurse at Cumberland assured us was open, and it opened at nine.

Of course when we got there a few minutes after nine, they were open, but the nurse said the lab was not. James was fit to be tied after two mistakes in a row. The nurse did tell us that the Gwinnett office was open, so we plugged that into the GPS and arrived there at 9:35.

They don't open until ten. ::sigh::

Well, of course we waited; he had to have the test. Found out this office actually makes you take a number, like in a bakery! Luckily James was number three, and I had the granola bar waiting for him (I'd already had my oranges in the waiting room; I wasn't going to eat in front of him!) with an orange chaser. Then we had breakfast at the IHOP.

Now, when we'd planned this expedition earlier in the week, we figured that since we were going to have to be at Glenlake anyway, we might as well as go to North Point. Not for the mall—yawn. But we had Barnes & Noble coupons and figured we might go to a different store for a change. So we still did that; it was on the route home after all.

This was a nice big store despite how small it looked from the outside, and I saw something I wanted almost immediately, a book about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's first wife solving a mystery. But after a good wander around the store, I was stopped in my tracks by the new books rack in the Science Fiction section, where I saw the Doctor Who book A History of the Universe in 100 Objects. When I had quit laughing until the tears came, since I knew the book this was a parody of (heck, I listened to the radio show of it on the BBC), I had to get it.

We also went to Fry's in Alpharetta for a while, but, man, that place is becoming kind of depressing! I remember when it opened and all the wonderful stuff it had. Now where the instruction books and the software used to be, it's full of "As Seen on TV" stuff and tchotchkes...just more stuff to dust! The cafe doesn't have soup any more, and the DVD storage is just about nil anymore. We did find a Panera to have a bowl of soup each to hold us until supper.

We checked out a used bookstore, too, back near North Point, but it was disappointing. It was a nice cozy place, and a good assortment of books, but they were mostly overpriced.

On our way home, James stopped by the Akers Mill Barnes & Noble so I could pick up the Louise Doyle book I had seen earlier. It was nice of him because we were both tired. Had supper at home with leftovers, and then later had a nice chat with Mike, who had just arrived back in Oklahoma from Virginia.

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