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» Friday, August 16, 2013
Beige Blues No More

I've always hated beige. Mom loved beige; she said it matched everything. All the rooms were beige, except for the pink bathroom and the yellow kitchen. For a while Dad and I got a vote in: their room was gold, the parlor was a terra cotta color, and my room was pale blue, just like my best friend Sherrye's room. Once I left home and after Dad passed away, the walls went back to beige.

Having lived in a house where the walls are "antique white" (read "light beige"), I can now see Mom's point. You can pretty much decorate a room any way and the walls match. It goes with the autumn theme during the year and the Christmas theme in December. It fits the lighthouse theme in the hall bath and the "airfield restroom" theme in the downstairs bath. It goes with the apples and cows in the kitchen and the books in the library. Hard to beat.

The the carpet I always wished were darker. You had to pay extra for a darker carpet and we didn't have the bucks.

Carpeting was the reason I was up at 7:30, bumping around in a nice dim bedroom, waiting for the carpet cleaners to call. I ate breakfast, checked e-mail, then went back to cleaning, vacuuming, vacuuming, vacuuming. They called at 8:45 saying he would be the truck would be here at 9:30. So since I'd vacuumed everything else, I decided to clean out under the bird cage, which was a mess of shed fluff, seed shucks, pellets, and dust. Whew! But it was finally all out of there. The last thing I had to do was get Willow behind the gate at the hall doorway.

She didn't want to come; she thought I was going to give her a bath.

So I spent several minutes chasing her around the empty floor space before I could lead her back into the little cocoon I'd created: Schuyler was in the spare room, "the little room with the teevee" that I promised her (although I eventually turned the sound off and played BBC Radio 4X instead) with two of the dining room chairs and the fluffy dog blanket (the rest of the dining room chairs were in the craft room) and I'd stashed the computer chairs in our bedroom. I was going to put the recliner in there, too, but it is too wide to go through the door. So it sat wedged in the hallway instead.

ZeroRez arrived in the form of Mike and did his job. I had the "pet treatment" which included a spray to turn the biologicals in the rug back to a point where they could be removed. It had a lemon-ish odor which, thankfully, didn't seem to bother Schuyler. But Willow was restless during the whole thing and I couldn't blame her; she couldn't sleep in her usual place in James' chair (it was out of place and bothered her) and the sound of the vacuum that pulled the water out of the carpet hurt her ears. I also had him put some type of stain repellent on the carpet (not Scotchgard) when he finished.

And, oh, dear Lord, it's actually all one color again. Wow. Of course it took him about two hours, too! He even got the Georgia red clay stains out of the stairs.

Schuyler and I actually had a nice time in the spare room, except when I had the fan on. She must have thought it was a condor. She kissed and sang and preened, and I typed, and discovered that, along with Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair, Brothers in Law, Mr. Finchley Goes to Paris and "When Vila Met Gan" on 4X, they have re-started Cabin Pressure, which I've heard so much about. It's a comedy series about a small charter airline (one jet) and stars Benedict Cumberbatch among others.

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