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» Friday, August 16, 2013

Mike said it would take the carpet about six hours to dry.

I liked Mike a lot. He was friendly, hard working, got the carpet presentable (he even said it turned out nicer than he thought it would!), and rescued a pit bulldog. But no way was this carpet going to be dry in six hours. One of the reasons is that it was impossibly nice today, in the 60s and cloudy. I even had the window in the bedroom open when he did the pet treatment on the carpet, which had a vaguely citrusy smell, and after he left I opened both dining room windows and the back door, and one of the living room windows and there was a cool, glorious breeze. You've heard of "Indian summer"? This was definitely a "blackberry winter" or "three chilly sisters" situation.

Willow slept for a while on her plush blanket in the room with Schuyler and I, or, most of the time, sacked out on the recliner. I took her out a couple of times, walking in sock feet and then finally scrubbing off the bottom of a pair of scuffs so I could change wet socks, and made sure to wipe her paws coming back in. When James came home, I was dressed and ready, and had his e-reader, and we let Willow out one more time, and then I put my shoes on downstairs in the foyer and we went out the front door (so not to dirty the three stairs going to the downstairs hall and the garage).

We had supper at Giovanni's, and then went to Wally World, as we needed a few things cheaper than the supermarkets (like Breathe Rights and Sinex), and I wanted to get a new rug for the foyer and another for the back door. I got a red rug for the front, which is more autumn-y, although the blue rug would have matched the color of the front door, and a vaguely Mondrian design in semi-autumn colors for the back door. Oh, and I got a bag of cherries, which may be the best-tasting bag I've gotten this entire season! Then came home by the Petsmart at Brookwood, only to find they didn't have Schuyler's usual seed. Good thing she's not completely out! And finally stopped at Lowes to get those white shoe covers that workmen use when they have to come in your house, so we could put them on before we headed upstairs.

The carpet was progressing slowly, even this late; some spots were almost dry, but the parts he had to deep treat were still quite wet. So James sat on the sofa with me for the rest of the evening, then about eleven o'clock I squeezed by the recliner still in the hall (it's a very small hall) and got my hair dryer, sat on the floor, and blew on the part of the carpet where the recliner is supposed to sit until I thought it was dry, and got that thing out of the way.

Can't get over how nice it came...

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