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» Sunday, August 18, 2013
A Place to Go

Had a nice sleep-in this morning, unlike yesterday, when I was kept restless by dreams about work. Eventually I heard Willow give a little howl, and another. We both dressed quickly, but I made it out first.

Poor puppy. She has been sleeping in the kitchen since Thursday night, when she wet the floor four times. Ever since then she had asked to go out, but of course this morning there was no one to ask. So before she could go anywhere, I had to dry the floor, and her paws, before she could be sent racing out to join James (having no truck with the potty pad). I washed the floor down, too, before she came back, but she still came slinking in, knowing she had done wrong.

So we had to go grocery shopping today, and finish a few more errands. We found we could do them all together on Dallas Highway and did so, despite being awash at our first stop as Georgia Monsoon Season broke out temporarily. James let me off at the door of Lowes and I dashed in to buy three collapsible storage cubes to be used for overflowing DVDs. They were giving away free hot dogs and we each had one before going on to Publix for this week's twofer deals and a newspaper.

Then we went on to Barnes & Noble for a little bit of fun. Checked out the fall movie preview in "Entertainment Weekly"—I had no idea they'd done a film of The Monuments Men!—and dipped in and out of the aisles before picking up the last Charles Lenox book, Death in the Small Hours, so I can read it before having to read and review the newest book for Amazon Vine. I also picked up the new steampunk paperback, A Conspiracy of Alchemists, and the new "Cross Stitch Crazy."

But I left James alone too long: he found three books. :-)

Finally we stopped at Kroger for the weekly shopping, and then went home. The rain was just intermittent by then; you can bet we wiped our feet really good before stepping on that finally dry carpet!

We slept so late and then took so long at breakfast and went out so late that it was nearly dinnertime by the time we put everything away. Watched a few episodes of House Hunters before a dinner of sausage and split a chocolate chip cookie brownie for dessert. Later on we watched the special Inside Foyle's War, which included a preview of the eighth series, which has Foyle joining MI5! Glad to see Honeysuckle Weeks is back!

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