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» Saturday, July 13, 2013
We Need a Little Christmas...

It was a hellish week at work. Frustrations piled up upon frustrations and I ended up in tears at 5 a.m. on Friday. Four hours sleep, 45 minutes on the road, eight hours of fluorescent lights glaring off printer paper, 60 minutes on the road again...I crawled into the futon when I got home (after taking Willow out) and had only about fifteen minutes of nice quiet darkness before James got in from work. We only went to Hibachi Grill for supper and then came home, and went to bed as if we were going to work in the morning.

That's because we were up at 7 a.m. to get to the Hallmark ornament premiere. It was cloudy and cool, and we were able to drive out to East Cobb with the windows down, a treat in the summer. When we finished at Hallmark, we went to Trader Joe's. We don't come out to East Cobb as often as we used to since Borders closed, so we stocked up on several things and also bought chicken and salad for tomorrow night's supper. Then we headed off to Town Center to hit their Hallmark store, and also stopped at Publix for twofers.

Finally we arrived home with our treasures, and James was off to his club meeting. I decided to go pick up a book I'd seen at Book Stop a couple of weeks ago (if still there, of course), and found them adopting cats at the front of the store. I do regret my allergies! I did find the book, then swung by Kroger to get gas for the car, and stopped by Dollar General to see if they had any more of the instant Rice'a'Roni. Finally I settled down to watch a few more episodes of The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion. This is so much grimmer than the original, and much emphasis on honor.

We had supper at StevieB's tonight, the Dallas Highway location, but I like the Town Center location better; certainly quieter! There was a car show going on in the next parking lot over, with a nice variety of vehicles, even some 1930s cars. As we left a Volkswagen station wagon from the 1960s was driving by, and as we pulled out, a late 40s-early 50s Chevrolet was behind us, complete with hood ornament of the swooping lady with wings.

James said he had polystyrene withdrawal, so we went to Hobbytown so he could prowl the model aisles; I found a table and sat down to read "BBC History Magazine." Then we had dessert at Barnes & Noble, splitting a Hershey's chocolate cheesecake slice. We emerged from the bookstore to find a lovely sunset glowing scarlet in the west, despite it having been cloudy most of the day.

But I guess it's a fact of life, isn't it—to get the prettiest sunset one must always have some clouds as well.

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