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» Sunday, July 07, 2013
Just One More Coupon...

Ah, Sunday morning: sleeping and [grocery] shopping. James got a prescription refill and we stocked up on things for the week (yogurt, bananas, desserts, lunchmeat, etc.) and found a nice steak for tomorrow night's dinner. Of course it was raining. I'm wondering where you find gopherwood these days.

Once the boodle was put away, we collected our coupons and, tossing a figurative coin in the air, drove up to the Barnes & Noble at Town Center Prado. I was happy to find that something I had wanted to buy a few weeks ago as a gift was still there; came out with three gifts altogether as well as Julie Hyzy's new Grace Wheaton "Manor House" mystery. James found a nice book about the Lockheed "Blackbird" and the newest BBC "Good Food" magazine.

We had a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon expiring tomorrow, so went there next. With Willow in her old age, we needed more "Urine Gone," plus we bought a silicone baking device for diverting the grease from meats, and a refill for his Soda Stream. I also took a gamble and bought a "Chillow," hoping this will help James sleep. If nothing else, if it doesn't work in his pillow it can be used for aching feet after DragonCon!

The sun was actually out briefly for our ride home through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park, but otherwise it remained cloudy, humid and too damn hot all day. Spent the remainder of the afternoon watching the end of David Suchet's version of Murder on the Orient Express, and then the chronicle of his ride on the newly-revived Orient Express. Such lovely countryside and what a great trip! Far beyond our means, but it sure would be fun to do as Suchet did and help "drive" the train.

Now watching a PBS program about scenic railway journeys through New Zealand.

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