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» Sunday, July 21, 2013
Heat and Humidity

Just a normal Sunday morning here: sleeping late, then a trip to the supermarkets. Publix had a good assortment of twofers and milk was on sale; we also got some lamb for tonight's supper. We went for regular weekly things at Kroger (my sandwich bread, yogurt, etc).

The fun part of the day was driving into Buckhead to go to Barnes & Noble. We went through Vinings (a once tiny village that is now yuppieville, with townhouses going for $600,000 and regular homes for $700,000...egad!) and the tree-lined Paces Ferry Road, and then Moore's Mill, before having to venture a few blocks on Peachtree Road and traffic. We entered through the Starbuck's, which smelled sweetly of hot coffee—I miss coffee, dammit—and noted they had pumpkin bread, which came in handy in a little while.

I wandered about the shelves for a while, perusing this and that—a book about a thousand and one children's books to read before you die (it was $36; I passed), a Doctor Who volume, various history books—when James found me and said his blood sugar was plummeting and he was going to the cafè. We'd had a sketchy "breakfast," some granola bar and a cup of mandarin oranges each, and he had chili and a burrito for lunch while I simply dunked some fresh French bread into some leftover teriyaki chicken sauce warmed up in the microwave and had a feast. Sounded like his minimal carbs had worn off quickly. So he went to get a cold drink and I finally found something I found interesting: Divided Highways, the story of the building of the interstate system. I opened it up and random and there was a familiar name: John Volpe, Massachusetts-born-and-bred. You couldn't live in Rhode Island without hearing about John Volpe as well. And I turned the page and there was Route 128...I was hooked!

We drove home through Habersham as I had on Friday and came home to do some getting ready for the workweek, and some reading of books (I finished Thieftaker tonight). We were watching QVC ("Christmas in July") for a while, and then another thunderstorm (barely noticed by Willow) blotted the signal out, so I changed to broadcast television and we just bounced around there, including watching Barney Miller.

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