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» Sunday, July 14, 2013
Git 'Er Done

Sometimes I like to feel like I've accomplished something during a day. There are times at work that I feel as I run and run like a hamster in a wheel and after nine hours only interrupted by lunch and a few trips to the rest room I achieve nothing. It's very disheartening.

After Friday the first thing I needed to accomplish was to get some restful sleep. I got up about 8:30 to fulfill a need. James had gotten up earlier, but when I peeked out the door, Schuyler was still covered up. James has a habit of doing this on Sunday mornings, not being able to sleep about 7:30-8:30, getting up, taking Willow out, and then settling in his recliner and dozing back off. I wanted eight hours of sleep in a proper bed, having stayed up until one talking to Mike and Emma, and went back to sleep until 10:16 when I heard Schuyler start up her "Hey, you!" chirp.

And when I got up there were biscuits, which I had with Kerrygold butter and a nice glass of milk.

Next to Kroger: ho hum. We did buy the parts for our contribution for "Hair Day" on Saturday, as we want to have a little fun with this. Once we brought our goodies home, we went to Walmart as we were out of wild bird food. Ran into David Gibson as we walked in, but never bumped into Juanita, but then it's a big Wallyworld. Picked up a couple of other things, then came home and put the seed into the storage can. (I learned my lesson about leaving wild bird seed bags in the house after we bought one infested with roaches in 2007. Ugh!) The sky was merciful; there were clouds overhead as we did this. Soon the cardinals were back—we'd seen the male cardinal earlier, feeding a nearly grown fledgeling who was still begging for food—and I'd also put out a finch sock (with thistle seed in it; all the thistle bags they had at Walmart were too big) and a suet cake.

For weeks I've been putting off reading the Sunday paper until Thursday (I've just got things I'd rather do) and cutting out the coupons. It doesn't help that I like shopping with coupons, but hate cutting them out. Today I read the paper first thing, and cut the coupons, and put them away, and also finally put up all the craft things we bought at the Michaels' sale and our Container Store trip a few weeks ago: the potential craft things into their proper place into the craft room (including all the little jewelry bits I've bought for assembling into gifts), the few things James bought placed in the box going downstairs along with the Hallmark ornaments we bought yesterday (neatly concatenated into fewer boxes; no, collectors, don't get all horrified—I don't keep all the ornaments carefully wrapped up in their original boxes; we'd be sleeping in the closet if I did that), and the stocking stuffers we have bought here and there.

I also started a plastic bag full of little things for Toys for Tots. I always want to give, but have run out of money by December. So I had collected a couple of simple toys and today on the clearance aisle at Walmart bought something for a boy and something for a girl. I want to buy some crayons and coloring books when I find them on sale, too.

James worked on a little project, too, this afternoon, as we watched television. We've gotten quite fond of the "hidden restaurant investigations" shows, like Mystery Diners and Restaurant Stakeout, and, wow, did they have some beauts today! This was followed by the delightful Forgotten Florida, about the old Florida attractions before the interstates and Disney hit (a few are still there): Cypress Gardens and also Silver Springs (both which I remember being neat), Weekee Watchee Springs, Marineland, the original "Goofy Golf," Parrot Jungle, Monkey Jungle, etc., followed by a Weird Florida special.

Another Sunday supper of chicken strips in salad: baby greens, mandarin oranges, slivered almonds, and chow mein noodles, all topped with light Asian sesame dressing. Yum!

And at least I can feel like I accomplished something today.

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