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» Friday, July 19, 2013
Cover to Cover Coverage

Drat it, I hate when I have an alarm set for a time and then wake up having to use the bathroom 45 minutes earlier. My shoulders were aching from the extended time I spent at the scanner last night (I'm trying to scan an out-of-print book and it's taking forever because I have to adjust the brightness settings for every single page; I only got half of it done last night), so I took some ibuprofin after I'd finished what I came there for, then went back to bed until nine.

Breakfast, e-mail, finishing loading the dishwasher, etc. got me to eleven o'clock, when I went to Aldi. They have these small chocolate hazelnut crunch bars they sell (but only at the store on Powder Springs Road) that are low-cal for a chocolate treat, and I needed more. I planned to pick up milk while I was there, but they were out of skim. I had a terrible sinus headache when I got home and was already hungry again after the oatmeal, yogurt and milk, so took two Tylenol and had peanut butter on an English muffin. It helped a lot.

With that taken care of, I had some literary adventures in Buckhead, then headed home through Habersham Road and back to West Paces Ferry. I love going through Habersham because they have some of the neatest houses: mock Tudors, a stone-and-brick affair with a turret for a foyer, very proper looking brick Colonials, etc. (None as pretty as my favorite house in Brookhaven, the stone one that looks like an English hunting lodge!) Buckhead was always a bore to work in—all those dopey bars—but the ride to work was always pretty.

Came home with my pile of books (finding another on the doorstep) and watched Lassie while waiting for James. We had supper at the Panera Bread at Town Center, then went to JoAnn to pick up some craft items with our "Coupon Commotion" coupons. You could only use them on full price items and everything I wanted was already on sale. I let James have a couple (he bought bases for models), and then used the rest to buy chocolate for desserts next week. How frustrating! Even the stuff not marked as on sale was on sale; I couldn't even put away some scrapbook things for Juanita. Phooey.

When we got home we had another project, frosting the cake we baked last night for Hair Day tomorrow. The details on this little project are delayed until tomorrow so the cake is a surprise. :-)

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