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» Saturday, June 01, 2013
Weekending 1

Downtime from last weekend, which is welcome, but still a bit sad; everything over for the spring and now the horrible looming presence of summer has come, and with that the scourge of End of Fiscal Year.

Traffic's been a [excuse my French] right bitch for about three weeks. I'm used to this on Friday, but it's even happening on formerly calm Monday. So it was another struggle to get home last night, and by the time I did my eyes stung and hurt from the lethal combination of fluorescent lights all day and sun. I took Willow out and then stretched out on the bed to get cool until James got home.

We wanted something different to eat, so we went to Zaxby's. Not the best dinner for us, but different at least. Then we had time to stop at Hobby Lobby, where I got a few things for gifts. To my delight an entire aisle (well, one side of an aisle) was already devoted to fall, including a beautiful turkey hanging for Thanksgiving! Light at the end of the tunnel! And after that we headed home.

This morning we were up early to go to the Farmer's Market, a blessing as far as I was concerned because I was dreaming about work again. We decided to give ourselves a treat, so after we picked up some vegetables, dog biscuits, homemade cookies for dessert, boiled peanuts, a beef pot pie, nice hard peaches, and some chicken salad, we walked to the Australian Bakery and Cafe to have breakfast. It was real oatmeal, if tasting of the metal pot they cooked it in, and the bagel was great. James had eggs and biscuits. We lucked out after we were finished: the Corner Shop, the British store, was open, and James picked up some pork pies for lunches, and we stocked up on Fry's orange cream bars for dessert.

I was still sleepy when we got home, but we managed to rouse enough energy to go up to Hobbytown at Town Center. First we stopped at Petsmart, where they were doing adoptions, with a great variety of dogs. There were dignified pit bull crosses, a Lab mix that was a "leaner," two collie mixes (one sweet and shy, the other defensive), a yipping Yorkie, a huge French mastiff, and one Pomeranian with so much excess energy she was trotting in circles. There was a grey, geriatric Pom with one bad eye who howled so much it sounded like the pound scene from Lady and the Tramp. We quite liked another Pom there, a five-year-old female who was very quiet. Every time we came close to her she bowed and stretched. I think it was a nervous tic.

Oh, and they had two of the cutest kittens, a black and a Siamese pointed. The latter took a shine to James and started climbing all over the cage and sticking out his paw. What a darling!

We hit Hobbytown, and also Five Below, and then had a very late lunch (cups of clam chowder and splitting the lobster pizza) at Red Lobster. Goodness, they're expensive now, and they don't do lunch on Saturdays. Even that little bit was over $20.

By the time we got home it was almost 4:30 and not much else to do. I made the bed and washed my work clothes and later on had a peach and some milk.

Spent the rest of the evening watching Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, all the way through "The Parting of the Ways," noting all the little things that became significant later on, especially the Rift in Cardiff and Captain Jack Harkness, who was a considerably lighter character way back then. And I noticed Anna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle) as the young woman who tried to take down the Editor and the hideous creature controlling Earth. And so now David Tennant has felt his new teeth and remembered Barcelona...

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