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» Saturday, June 08, 2013
Tramping About With a Toast Chaser

This is what usually happens when James works on Saturday: I get up and finish the grocery shopping for the weekend, so we have a free Sunday.

The problem is that I hate doing this because I hate grocery shopping. It's so monotonous. So by Thursday I was in firm "I won't!" mode. All I was going to do today was go to Aldi to get milk because it's cheap there! No Publix! No Kroger! Barnes & Noble! Maybe Michael's! No supermarkets!

So we slept late, and had breakfast, and James went off to work...and yeah, I went grocery shopping. I'm a sap, what can I say?

I went to Publix first to cop a couple of twofers, including one of our favorite desserts, Entemann's "Kandy Bar Kakes." (Yeah, it's cutesy. Yuck!) We like the York peppermint pattie ones and the Reese's peanut butter cup ones (tastes kinda like a Drake's "Funny Bones"). We didn't need Finish right now, but they were also BOGO and I had coupons, so I got $14 worth of dishwashing gelpacs for $6. And the Racheal Ray dog food coupon would run out on Monday and Publix has the lamb flavor, which Kroger doesn't carry. I also got salad greens and chicken breast strips (both BOGO) so we could have our Sunday Oriental salad supper this week. (Did I mention omeprazole was on twofer, too?) Oh, yeah, and I got Those Damn Bananas because the ones at Publix were actually yellow.

Then over to Kroger, which has the bread-for-lunch I like, cheaper milk, and the bargain meat shelf (found some turkey legs). Got the rest of the supplies for the week, and that was that. Out less than 90 minutes, thank God. It was already sticky by the time I got home and I spent a few minutes cooling off before I went to Barnes & Noble.

My original plan was to stop at the mall, but I didn't because that would have meant getting out of the car again in this horrible weather (I really should have stopped, as I have a Really Good Hallmark Coupon). Since I was a bit peckish, I inquired about the soup of the day at the cafe and found they had chicken noodle. Luckily, despite all the other patrons leeching off B&N's wifi, I did find a seat in the café, so could comforably eat soup and crackers while reading Clouds of Witness on my e-reader. Then wandered about a bit, but just picked up Shadows of Night, the sequel to "the toast book" (see previous entry), also a previous library book.

On the way home I stopped at CVS for a couple of things and—hurrah!—found more barrettes. CVS carries a specific kind by Scunci that grips my hair perfectly, but the plastic backing on it breaks easily. Earlier in the year they'd vanished from the local stores, but I found some in Macon in April. Even worse, I usually find them in the most undesirable color combinations. They have green, brown, and black, and I almost always find green and brown or green and black. This wouldn't matter if I wore green a lot,  but the greens I can only use in the summer with my green shirt, or maybe at Christmas, but the black and brown go with everything. Today I found a black and a brown, and got a green and a black along with a green and a brown, so I can finally get rid of the two broken brown ones I wear around the house and fill them in with a green.

Finally a stop at Kroger to feed the car and it was home, home, home in the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful air conditioning. I took Willow out, then settled down to get cool and listen to "The Tech Guy" and "This Week in Tech" from Memorial Day weekend. I really need to catch up because I know I'll fall behind as always during end of fiscal year. (I did fall victim to A Discovery of Witches for a while. I realize why this book makes me crave toast: the heroine has toast at least twice in the first six chapters.)

[Later: Willow waited at the top of the stairs for nearly three hours.]

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