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» Friday, June 28, 2013
Sun to the Rear of Me, Thunder to the Front

One last hurrah before Fourth Quarter.

Hurrahing included eight hours of sleep, of course.

I sat down after breakfast and finished my contribution for Joanna Wilson's "Christmas in July" salute on her blog. The theme is "Animation," and, having missed out on commenting on Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, I chose instead to write about another old friend, The Small One, which I first remember as a radio tale. I've been struggling with writing it all week, not certain whether to address it critically or personally. After consulting the instructions, I said to myself, "Just tell your story," and I did. It took all of a half hour.

I had a letter to mail, so I went out. Our little contretemps with TruGreen has taken a new wrinkle. We had two treatments last month that were not completed properly; the front yard was done, but not the back because, again, no one bothered to ring the doorbell so I could go out and open the gate for them. I called them up that Friday to say I would not be paying the bill until they finished the job properly. The woman got all flustered and said of course, we will call you back and arrange an appointment (one of the appointments they missed was a make-up appointment) and never did. So I pulled out TruGreen's latest bill at lunch yesterday and wrote them a letter about it and put it in the mailbox for the postman to take. When James came home, he had a letter from a collection agency...guess who. So once I'd finished work—I was going from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. yesterday—I wrote the collection agency a letter and this afternoon I posted it.

Stopped at the library, too, and took out Mrs. Daffodil again. This is one of Gladys Taber's fiction books, but it's based on her real life living in Connecticut, sharing a home with her best friend. I'd love a copy, but the cheapest one I can find is $125.00. I like the book but not that much. :-)

On the way I stopped at Publix for twofers. Got lucky and Chex cereal was one of the BOGOs. I mix wheat Chex cereal into the Chex snack mix I take to work to cut the salt and stretch it. I had coupons for it, too, so I got $14.76 of cereal for $5.38. Not bad. Also bought a surprise for the Fourth.

Came home to put up the things, and then sat down, and, at a loss, put on Alistair Cooke's America. Not sure why; guess I just wanted something warm and safe and familiar.

We had supper at Giovanni's, brought home leftovers, and America marched on.

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