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» Sunday, June 09, 2013
Rain on the Pane is a Pain


This was our alarm this morning, except it was about two hours too early, since we hadn't gone to bed until 2 a.m. James slipped out of bed to take Willow outside. He never came back to bed, and I was too sleepy to wonder why he didn't. I assumed he was surfing, but it turned out he'd paused just a minute to sit in his recliner and Morpheus kidnapped him for ninety minutes. I was in a land of odd dreams myself—dams, trains, the seaside—and wouldn't have been surprised to meet the old god walking through one of them.

It was a grey morning that did a long dissolve into a wet afternoon. After breakfast we drove out to Books-a-Million with a 20 percent off coupon, never knowing when you might find a gift or two to put away, and we did. I also got a book about Star Trek and its sequels and How Not to Write a Novel, a collection of bloopers. Afterwards we had some lunch at Longhorn, served by a friendly waitress who was definitely Not From Around Here. She had definite intonations of the Bronx River Parkway. :-)

We proceeded home in a driving rain that almost drowned out the second half of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," which we had listened to on the outbound trip as well. We needed sweet soy sauce and garlic soy sauce, so instead of going directly to the house we stopped for a paper, then went to the Cobb International Farmers Market. This place is always crowded on the weekends, a United Nations microcosm of the Atlanta population, and we inched through produce to get to the freer aisles. Every line was open and every line was crammed, and it was pouring again when we emerged.

Spent what was left of the afternoon watching Alaska: The Last Frontier and reading A Discovery of Witches (more toast...). Had salad with chicken breast strips for supper, and finally it was time for North America.

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