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» Friday, June 07, 2013
Just Plain Lazy

I'd intended to get up at least by nine and had awakened at 8:30, but was in one of those drugged-type sleeps where no matter how much you try to struggle away, Morpheus just keeps you in his soft, comfy, sleepy grip. I finally beat him back about ten.

I did clean the hall bath, the master bath toilet, sink and tub, a bit of the kitchen so I could eat lunch, and a few other things, and vacuumed some more, but blew off my chance of going out this afternoon by putting on the Blu-Ray Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol that I got a couple of weeks ago. I talk about that here so you won't nod off thinking about Christmas in June. (Me, I'd rather think about it being Christmas than being three months until end of fiscal year, a.k.a. Nausea'R'Us.) By the time I finished it was 2:30, and who wants to go out that late? For that matter, who wants to go outside at this time of year at all? Stupid summer.

[Later: Like Trevor in the commercial, I was a tad grumpy. Probably needed to eat. :-)

Almost napped, but had to take Willow out instead. By that time James was home. Giovanni's is offering 20 percent off the entire month of June, so we went there for supper. This is such a good restaurant; they should have more business on a Friday night! I had delectable Italian sausage (sweet) with ziti, and James had two huge pork chops (one he brought home for a lunch) in marsala sauce and pasta. For dessert we went to Barnes & Noble—I finally bought a copy of A Discovery of Witches after having read it some time ago as a library book; I call it "the toast book" because every since I read it I have been craving buttered toast (I think the book is bewitched)—with a Baskin-Robbins chaser.]

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