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» Saturday, June 29, 2013
Fast Away the Old Month Passes

The bed is comfortable enough that when James gets up (I thought to walk the dog, but he was not feeling well), I woke briefly and then rolled over and went back to sleep, although I was just lightly dozing for the twenty minutes before the alarm.

We went to the Farmer's Market today only to get extras—homemade dog biscuits, a pot pie, some boiled peanuts, a little chess pie for James—and negotiated the huge crowd compared to previous Saturdays. More people apparently means more dogs and we saw dozens of canines threading their humans through the obstacles of others. We saw at least four "Goldendoodles" (read: mixed breeds) and I wondered if there was a convention! There were enough clouds that our stroll was comfortable, if warm, and we didn't feel fricasseed.

Since it was still early we went to Kroger and finished the grocery shopping, and that reminds me of another thing we saw today: as we drove up Powder Springs Road, I noticed two young women walking toward downtown Marietta, and one's outfit looked a bit peculiar, like an anime costume. Then, when we were coming out of Kroger, we were passed by two people in the garb of what James said were "high fantasy" elves. Checked around online and couldn't find any sign of a convention in town.

To treat ourselves this afternoon we drove out to Perimeter Mall (but of course didn't go to the mall because they're all bores now, mostly clothing and shoes). Instead we visited Barnes & Noble intending to have some soup, but they didn't have anything I could eat, so we shared a chicken barbecue pizza (not bad, except you can't crisp up a crust in the microwave well at all). I don't usually buy things without a coupon, but I couldn't resist an American history book called After the Fact, about what happened to people involved in historical events after the event was over. I also snatched up the book Nothing Daunted, about two schoolteachers in 1916 rural Colorado, from one of the remainder tables. Unfortunately, I didn't see the book Yes I Could Care Less until after I'd checked out, and, since I never met a grammar book I didn't like, I had to go back and buy that as well.

Also had an enjoyable half hour walking around the Container Store and picking up bits and bobs like some clearance items, and popped into Five Below as well.

Dragon 168 for supper and back to watching Alistair Cooke's America.

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