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» Sunday, June 30, 2013
Backwards Sunday

Usually we go out grocery shopping on Sundays, so since we got it done yesterday, we were able to relax this morning. In fact, we didn't go out until after three, the exact opposite to our usual routine in the summer, in which we want to get anything outside done before it gets hot. I took that time to finish reading Among the Janeites, a wonderful overview of Jane Austen fandom. To not feel like a slug reading all day, between chapters I vacuumed, swept the hall bath, swept the stairs and the foyer and the laundry room. The book is delightful, and you don't need to like Austen to enjoy it. I think every e-reader I've gotten since Microsoft Reader on my PDA in 2002 has had a copy of Pride and Prejudice attached to it, but I've never managed to get beyond the famous opening line. (I tried Northanger Abbey once, since the heroine is reputed to be a "tom boy," but didn't find my interest piqued there, either.) Anyone who's a member of any fandom, whether based on books or visual media, will recognize the archetypes in this book!

We didn't go out until after three because the Michael's coupon we had didn't start until four o'clock. It's their fortieth birthday, so, instead of the usual 40 percent off one item, this was 40 percent off the entire purchase. So we wandered in and out the aisles, and I picked up bits and bobs for projects, and at least two Christmas gifts, if not more, and James picked up something for stocking stuffers as well. I was absolutely shocked; I thought every Michael's store would be packed solid with a good coupon like that, so, in order to go to a larger store and avoid the ones I thought would be really crowded (Heritage Pointe as well as the Town Center store), we drove out to Hiram, where I figured it would still be crowded, but not as bad. It wasn't crowded at all, although the cashier said there was at least one person who'd been hanging around since one o'clock to use the coupon.

They were adopting cats and dogs next door at Petsmart; I felt so bad for the dogs, which were in the shade, but still panting from the heat. Lots of chihuahua mixes these days. We saw one dog that was almost a dead ringer for James' Mom's dog, Trouble, who's now in his dotage, but this one was only a couple of years old and a female.

Came home and James warmed up the pork roast we bought yesterday, with hot pork gravy, and pork-flavored ramen noodles. Fresh watermelon for dessert as we watched PBS, to finish with Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton. And I did my monthly hard drive backup and turned over all the calendars, wrote a few more book reviews. Another month shot to hell.

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