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» Sunday, June 23, 2013
Always a Missing Piece

Strange dreams again last night and up too early for the time we went to sleep. Up in time to catch the last fifteen minutes of The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin on AntennaTV; they're the same overdubbed in places, music replaced ones RTV was showing previously. Urgh. This was followed by The Jack Benny Show, two episodes of Bachelor Father, and then McHale's Navy. Nothing much to tell about our trip to Kroger except that the bananas were all green again. Spit! I got grapes instead, and a few Ranier cherries.

Back at the house, it's time to finish the shelf project. Guess what. The other two wall anchors failed as well. One popped right through the wall, which was amazing, because the drill bit didn't even touch the part that went into the wall; the vertical metal flange of the shelf and a metal washer was between the wall and the drill! Cheap things. The bottom ones did hold, though, so we threw our "outside clothes" back on—I knew somehow I shouldn't throw my clothes into the hamper before the project was finished—and we went back to Lowe's and bought an almost quarter-inch thick steel L angle. The exact center of the shelf has a stud directly under it; what the ends of the shelf won't hold this angle bracket will.

Bought a small paint brush, too, for making minor repairs. Barn door, meet horse.

Once the support was actually under the shelf and everything solid, then my work really began: I swept, vacuumed, and then washed that portion of the floor. While it was drying we took my car to Kroger to get gasoline. Then I put stuff up. The stock pot (with the muffin tins inside it to take up less space), the flour, the Bisquik and the Splenda are on the new shelf. The top shelf of the baker's rack now has to store small containers (the cornmeal, the kosher salt, the oatmeal, the pearl couscous, the mixed grain hot cereal, etc.). The rice, mixed rices, and the Pioneer Porridge are under the microwave (yay, I can finally reach the rice without something falling on my head), and the breadmaker tucked away on the right side of the bottom shelf, with the crock pot, the mini crock pot, and the rice cooker (off the counter!) on the same shelf. (The sugar's down there, too, but one can't have everything. We don't use it much anyway.)

Anyway, it's done. Unsatisfactorily, but done, and that part of the kitchen is neat again.

Oriental chicken salad for supper. So far it's been the best part of the day.

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