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» Tuesday, June 11, 2013
A Day Together is a Day Apart (From Routine, That Is)
In the middle of the week, nonetheless! James worked Saturday, was off today, so I took it off as well. We tried to get eight hours sleep, but the dog alarm went off about twenty minutes early.

Just to do something, we went up to Camping World in Woodstock. James keeps thinking about getting a camper, but all we can afford is something the truck can pull, and that's not much: a teardrop or an A-frame, or a pop-up camper, which he doesn't want. Camping World is a fairly big lot, but they had about five pop-up campers (and only one with a toilet) and only two small towables. Everything else would have had to be pulled by a full-sized pickup, or be the expense of another vehicle (not just the cost, but the regular car expenses: insurance, tires, registration, the whole magilla). Of course the thing to do after retirement would be to sell the house, get a big motor home and one of those little "roller skate" cars to tow behind, and just tour the country. Sadly, we aren't ever going to have that wonderful option. Imagine crossing the country and visiting every single museum! Ah, well.

We stopped by the bookstore near BJs, where I picked up a Reader's Digest Bicentennial-era history of the United States and discovered I didn't have my wallet. Luckily I wasn't driving! We stopped at Publix to drop off the plastic bags for recycling, deposited the refund check from the State of Georgia (we owed Georgia $15 in taxes...I paid it in good time but TurboTax gave us the wrong PO I mailed it again with evidence that we mailed it on time...but they still assessed us a I just shut up and paid it...and then they refunded the penalty...yeah, I'm confused, too) at the in-store bank, then had a cheap lunch at Stevi B's. Came home through the battlefield park (which was surprisingly crowded; summer children's groups, I think) and past the bakery to get some desserts, and spent the afternoon cooling off (we'd arrived at Camping World at ten o'clock and it was already miserably hot; by the time we left my hands were all swollen). James retreated to the Man Cave and I listened to Leo Laporte and "A Way With Words," and read blogs.

Turkey legs for supper with stuffing! Book reviews done during the evening! And now it's time to get ready for the rest of the week.

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