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» Friday, May 10, 2013
Sleep Rises

I can now confirm that the bed really is conducive to sleep, if your body is so inclined. I woke up this morning about 8:30, squinted at the alarm clock, said "I should get up," and my head plunked back down on the pillow. The same thing happened at 9:30. At ten I said to myself sternly, "Now are  you really going to waste your day off sleeping?"

Well, it was tempting...

Instead I wasted my day off going to Walmart. :-) But we needed BreatheRights and they are cheapest there. I also found the elusive Yellow Banana, which Kroger has evidently forgotten about for the last three weeks, so bought them there, and picked up a few other odds and ends like soy isoflavones and two new pairs of diabetic socks for James. I had a nice nostalgic moment walking through the stationery department and spying a 12-pack of PaperMate Flair pens in a rainbow of colors. I had a full set of Flairs years ago, which I used along with my crayons to make covers on the spiral-bound notebooks I filled with stories, wanting "proper books."

Made a brief stop at Petsmart to pick up some fruit pellets for Schuyler. There was a gregarious sun conure in one of the glass cages on the end cap and he brightened as he saw me approach the budgies and came close to the glass. He was on the floor of the cage and when I said hello to him he obligingly rolled over like a little dog asking for a tummy rub. What a cutie! After I'd picked up the pellets I came out from the other side of the conure's cage to find him in the little fur-lined triangle "tent" that are little cozy places for birds. He came right out when he saw me, and when I waved at him, he lifted his right foot and "waved" back. Yes, a cutie. Who was $600. And noisy. Not a birdie you take "to the little room with the teevee."

I had to go to Kroger anyway, to pick up a prescription, and I'd given them enough time, so off I went, hoping to finish up the rest of the shopping. Of course I walked in and they had—you guessed it!—yellow bananas. Gah. Picked up what I thought we needed and finally came home to do some housework and try to finish The Apothecary, which I picked up at Books-a-Million a few weeks ago. A great adventure book!

We had supper at Stevie-B's again, then went to Barnes & Noble. There are more fifteen percent off coupons this weekend. Of course, we go weeks and weeks with no new books, and now this weekend we have two coupons and at least five books I want! One of them was on the remainder shelf, so I bought it as well as the new Dr. Dody McCleland mystery.

Finally we stopped at Publix to get a few twofers (and ended up, of course, getting a lot more), and then drove home past Kennesaw National Battlefield Park. It was twilight, the perfect time to drive around the park, and, as I noted on April 26, it's so funny seeing those wonderful cozy porches with plush-cushioned wicker furniture or rocking chairs and pretty tables and softly-lighted lamps, and a beautiful cool night out, and no one sitting outside!

Watched a couple of things off the DVR, including the thoughtful "The Leash" episode of Lassie (Jeff is fearful of all his family after a friend's mother is seriously injured in a car accident), and last night's Late Night With David Letterman. I remember when I loved staying up late to see the first incarnation of his show on NBC; it was quirky enough to be funny, like my beloved Ask the Manager, and had some cool guests (I still  have one of the Siskel and Ebert appearances). Today's Dave is old and cranky. He had Jack Hanna on and I wasn't sure if Hanna was scowling because Dave was being such an idiot or because he was stoned. The animals were cute but Dave was appalling. The final part of the show had him interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch. You should have heard the audience groan and seen Cumberbatch roll his eyes when Dave referred to his being in the new Star Wars movie. In the words of Marian Jordan: "'Tain't funny, McGee."

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