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» Sunday, May 19, 2013
Not Necessarily Brain Twisters

Dammit, what has gotten into my sleep cycle? With a chance to sleep late this morning for the first time in five days, I'm restless and can't. I didn't get up when James left for work, but I was awake not long afterwards. What a PITA.

So I had nothing planned for today, although I'd either wanted to go to Office Max or Bed, Bath & Beyond, and got to neither due to stomach cramps. However, I did get some things done that needed to be done, including one thing long delayed. First I had to go to all the sites where I use my main credit card and change the expiration date of the card, since my new one arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. I think I got everyone but SiriusXM, and I don't remember our account number, especially since I don't use them anymore. I also ordered some books from Hamilton Books, mostly for gifts, but also a book by Agathe von Trapp and the third Nikki Heat book.

I also did something I put off last year: updating the copyrights on my web pages. I usually do it New Year's Day. But not only had I skipped this New Year's, I did so last year, too, so everything still said 2011. That has not been amended.

And I finally worked on some crafts, back to putting together my "shelf" project, from the parts I bought from Country Pickin's at the Yellow Daisy Festival. Today I painted part of a couple of the miniature books, and painted what is going to be a tablet. I also turned some multicolor string into "embroidery skeins" and made a drawing pad and a pencil. Once the books are dry I can paint the other sides of them.

We had bought soup last night and James had a veggie burger, so we ate in and watched Doctor Who: rewatched "The Crimson Horror" (still giggle at the Tegan jokes), and then "Nightmare in Silver," cueing up finally for "The Name of the Doctor." I've watched it twice so far and my mind is still pretzel-shaped. So who is John Hurt's "Doctor"? Is it the Doctor of the Time War? (McGann's Doctor grown old?) Or someone else? Rodney turned up on chat and for about an hour we were batting around the ideas that were being tossed around on the Digital Spy website.

Then I went back to watching The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion on YouTube. This is a recently updated version, not the 1980s version that took the original cartoon and put new voices and music to it. It's in Japanese with English subtitles, but you can keep up with a lot of what's going on without them. And the credits are adorable, showing "Leo" and "Liya" (a.k.a. "Kimba" and "Kitty" here in the U.S.) as tiny cubs (even if they don't meet in the series until they are adolescents).

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